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Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Views on the LOST Season 6 Finale

Did you guys watch it????? OMG!!!! WTF???? Spoiler post! Don't read it if you have not watched it!
No wonder... LOST FOREVER!!! lol

Just for fun! Facebook instant reactions!


  1. I personally LOVED it.
    Yes it didn't answer every litle question your mind could come up with, but it was emotional, and it kept the core of what has been the best TV show ever: personnal reletions

    I truly loved it... and I will truly miss it...

    Farewell to the greatest show ever

    ...bye Lost

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  3. So I'm a little confused, were they dead all along from the plane crash and were all the seasons based on souls trying to find peace?

  4. WHFFFFFFFFFF... I MEAN WHAT THE f**kkkkkkkkkkkkkk AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlon........ what have you done..... :(((((((((((

  5. It reminds me of the book the Five People You Meet in Heaven.

  6. well im fucking pissed!! AND wtf they didnt answer anything!! they just gave it an ending!! bastards!!!! they should have just not ended it.

  7. lol check this out!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ending-Of-Lost-Was-A-Big-Disappointment-/128540600490640?created&v=wall

  8. So were the flash sideways just where they all went after they died in order for them to all move on together?

    That's what I got from it, but it was really confusing.

  9. I think that the flash sideways was a place that they all created in their minds so that even after they died, they would always be together and be happy. i loved the final shot. shows how no matter what happens, life comes full circle.

  10. well guys. i'm so fucking dissapointed but it was the best season finale ever created.

  11. People crying that they didn't give any answers make me LOL hard...

    UMMM wtf did you think was gonna happen, did you watch the same show I did for 6 years? It was crystal clear that Lost wasn't the kind of TV show that feeds easy answers to it's audiance just to please people.

    If you wanted a show with clear easy answers, you should have watched 24 or something

    Lost has always been about mysteries and it stayed that way until the end.

    Since IM a fan, I loved it that way.

    Deal. With. It.

  12. The ending made no sense to me AT ALL!
    What was the point for Miles, Kate, Richard, Sawyer and the pilot to get on that plane and leave the island? What was the point of that if they were all dead already? Where was Walt and his dad in the big after life reunion?

    What the hell was the purpose of Jacob and MIB?

    What did Hurley do after being the new protector of the island? What did Ben do to help him? (since he thanked him outside the church?)

    Why didn't Ben go inside? Will he remain in.....purgatory?

    Too many questions......not enough answers given.....I think another season was needed to close this out properly.......in my opinion.....poorly done.

    I have been committed to this show for 6 doggone seasons and to get an ending like that with me still asking so many questions is very unsatisfying.

    I will never watch another show these guys make together....because I know it will end in frustration!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ben didn't go inside because he didn't find his second half on the island. He found them in real life( or however you want to call it( previous episode- Alex's mom). That's what I think.

    Well, I think they left the island because someone had to but we don't know if they make it. They could die because of the airplane. who knows...

  14. omg soo many die hard fans upset :-(

  15. Byron, that type of show isnt made for you

    accept it and stop crying


  16. It sucked...I felt like I just wasted a major amount of my life being strung along...every episode ending with the hope of getting some interesting answers. Bummer. I did enjoy the show. I guess I will make up my own endings.
    Oh well

  17. if they all died and were going to heaven in the church why were there people in the church that werenot on the plane


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  20. It was definitely an interesting end to the whole show. I am not sure where I stand in terms of liking it or disliking it. I watched it for entertainment and wasn't so much into the background of everything.

  21. An ending for the Jim Jaramuch crowd... essentially they had no clue what to do next so they ended it without any useful resolution. The annoying part is that there is a segment of the population that enjoys being defrauded by this type of partway storytelling and then assumes a superior pose like Lost4ever. They should take some lessons from Pedro Almadovar who is a far superior storyteller than Jaramuch. He creates complex, and compelling characters while managing to provide quality stories with challenging (albeit satisfying) endings. He avoids the type of dishonest "resolutions" that were provided in the final episode. The fact is that being obscure is not a sign of sophistication or intelligence... it is the sign of a person who is incapable of translating their thoughts clearly.

  22. Well now I feel more satisfied than disappointed with the ending. I love this show. It'll be my favorite for ever.
    Btw. did you guys watch Jimmy Kimmel Show? Hilarious!!!!!!!!

  23. i got from the ending:

    Everything on the island happened. They landed, they left, they came back. Lots of people died. It ended with kate, sawyer, richard, miles, lapidus, leaving the island. Jack, Hurley, and Ben are all left behind. Jack dies. Hurley and Ben stay on the island as the new "Jacob." That's it. Everyone who left the island on the plane went back home and died at one point or another. Finally, after everyone died, they all met up in the flash sideways? And they go to heaven together.

    this finale wasn't about answering questions, or talking about the mythology or whatever. It was mainly about the characters; which is what LOST has always done best and what the core value of the show was focused on. i think this as a perfect ending to a show that will probably be considered one of the best shows ever on television.

    1. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. It has put questions I have to rest. Thank you for that. You have a good mind on you.

  24. Bravo to Tim who totally understood the meaning of the ending, and what the storytellers had in mind when writting it...

    as far as Jose goes, I'm assuming a superior pose? lol you might want to look at yourself first kiddo. Name dropping and big words don't make you smarter. it is what it is. Just because you dont understand the concept underneath the show, or what the producers had in mind when they all sat down and created it, doesnt mean it sucks, or has no purpose.

    "The fact is that being obscure is not a sign of sophistication or intelligence... it is the sign of a person who is incapable of translating their thoughts clearly."

    it isnt a sign of anything. Its just how they envisionned their story. Details are not important, its the heart of the show that captivated audiences around the world for 6 years, not the little questions that popped out every now and then. Sure the cliff hangers were important to maker sure people would stay hooked, but the true fans of the show were contended by simply watching these events unfold as a part of the life of those characters that we love.

    if you cant understand that then move on to the next show, but stop acting like an arrogant bitch.

  25. Personally what i believe..........
    1. everyone eventually died on the island (HUGO, DESMOND etc.... this was the past which they kept going back to.. when hugo says you were a great no 2 it happened in the past! they died, now they all meet up at the end and cross over! as for the plane jack put the stone back into the ground and therefore the plane couldnt leave!! probably crashing or whatever! but they all died in the end!! The show was all about what we are doing now is being baffled, which it has done! just enjoy thinking about it and have your own theory! you wont see a show like it! and hey u dont no this could be all a dream for us hahahahah!

  26. Now the title of the series correctly matched to the Viewers. 'LOST!!!'. I think, nobody even the creators have any idea how this @#$% series ended.
    I wasted my six years downloading & watching this.....

  27. The ending was incredibly clear cut and not confusing at all.

    1. The Island was real and everything you saw on the Island happened. The man in black was the bad guy and he had to be stopped. Once stopped Hurley let the people leave on the plane or didn't its completely irrelevant. But Hurley was in charge of the island. That part completly simp and easily wrapped up. Good guys won. Woot!

    2. The flashsideways was a group created purgatory (for lack of a better word) for them to meat and move on. Where you were specifically told that the island was not a dream, or purgatory, or hell, or anything but real life. And it doesn't mater how long any of them lived because time was non-existent were they went. So stop asking how did Hugo, Penny, Ben, ect die. It could of been in there sleep at 99 for all that matters.

    That was long but how thick are you not to understand suck a straight forward no nonsense ending like that. If you didn't understand it go back to season on and watch it with the subtitles on cause you are dimwitted.

  28. The end was so perfect, but sad...

  29. Well I loved it.
    Christian said "everyone dies sometime,and time doesn't count" I believe that when we die we all meet up again eventually. You can look how you want even if you die at 90!
    I believe they all survived the plane crash,some left and came back to the island etc they died eventually as we do, some died sooner than others, But we are met by our loved ones to take us onto our next journey into the unknown.
    I think that is the message of the show, the rest was just a wonderful rollercoaster of mystery and intrigue that i have loved.
    I'm really going to miss it.

    ciao bella x

  30. lol. Okay, well... Regardless if you agreed with the ending or not, or whatever. There are still SOO many questions from other episodes left unanswered. Go back, pick an episode at Random, and you'll get at least one, if not more than one, unanswered question(s). even if the last show is not about questions, why the hell did so much random stuff happen that is left unanswered? i mean common.. i agree with this guy Anwar above me, seems like the writers got "lost" in their own words. I know so many die hard fans who watch the show and they were all let down. they may even understand the ending, but still, were let down. now when i look back on it all, seems like the only thing this show ever had going for it was all the mystery...


  31. What important questions were unanswered?

  32. Christian tells Jack "Everything is real"...

    Jack asks his dad "why are we here" and Christian says "to remember" and "to move on"... Well, as the characters remembered, they were ready to move on. And finally so did Jack.

    Brilliant finale... Watched it in tears...

  33. I don't think people understand that not everyone died on the island.

    they were not dead when they got to the island in the first place. everyone dies in Lost eventually, the guys who got on the plane live their lives until they die. so does ben and hurley.

    once dead, everyone has ended up in this 'alternate reality' which has been created in all of their minds, after they died, as a way of finding each other, as they were happy when they were together.

    that said, i totally agree that there are so many unanswered questions :(

  34. This show is perfect, the end is perfect, and all unanswered questions...Well, it's mystery and it should be like this...LOST is the best show ever...

  35. I liked the ending... but one question unanswered was why "Walt" ( the young boy) is so special? remember for 3 freakin seasons we were told that he was special... That I need to know... ALso ... I miss Mr. Ecko! he was tight!

  36. Wake up people. They dont have any answers. As if they do. They dodged everyone for 6 years. Made shit loads of money. One of the biggest scams I have ever seen :)

  37. OK ready? here we go.... I loved the season ending but it would be great if abc.com would let the producers create short or mini shows to answers these questions...
    1. Why is Walt special?
    2. What did the numbers mean? Or were they just random numbers?
    3. Who was jacobs mother?
    4. What is the Man in black name? Esau?
    5. Why was Lock ( the villian) on the island in the first place? (is he satan? was he struck down from heaven after God kicked him out?)
    6. What was the light?
    7. Was the flash sideways all happening when desmond was being electricuted with witmore machine?
    8. Why did lock say to Jack.. "You don't Have a son" while laying in the hospital bed? Is he Jack actually dead?
    9. Why did Mr. Ecko have to die.... dang it!
    10. I too can go on all day with questions.....

    Overall, very good ending and yes they needed to end it because it was getting out of control... but please producers...for the love of God, answer them on abc.com..... thanks

  38. I personally enjoyed the ending bar one thing.

    The reason I've spent 6 seasons watching the show:

    What was the island? What was it's purpose? Where did it come from? Why protect it? Why couldn't the bad guy leave? What would of happened if he did?

    Give the answers to the above and probably a couple more besides and you have an awesome finale.

    For me this has always been about purgatory, but the writers didn't expect people to catch on so quick so looked for an alternate ending.

  39. 1. Why is Walt special?
    - Because he was. Why was Hurly fat, or jack a doctor, that was never center to the plot.
    2. What did the numbers mean? Or were they just random numbers?
    - the Valenzetti Equation (remeber this show was not just told through the episodes)
    3. Who was jacobs mother?
    - Why does that matter she was a shipwreck.
    4. What is the Man in black name? Esau?
    - Again why does that matter... it was Frank (wow that changed everything)
    5. Why was Lock ( the villian) on the island in the first place? (is he satan? was he struck down from heaven after God kicked him out?)
    - He was jacobs brother who was a candidate but was killed and thrown in the light by Jacob. (did you watch that episode?)
    6. What was the light?
    - "Life, Death, Rebirth" While a legitimate un answered question this is art not a physics text book.
    7. Was the flash sideways all happening when desmond was being electricuted with witmore machine?
    - time is irrelevant there so yes and no. But he saw it and was trying to get there.
    8. Why did lock say to Jack.. "You don't Have a son" while laying in the hospital bed? Is he Jack actually dead?
    - Yes jack was dead there every one was.

    Well that took 2 minutes. Did you actually watch the show or do you need 20 minute clips of hurly reading into a camera every little detail of the island.
    9. Why did Mr. Ecko have to die.... dang it!
    - Because it moved the plot or the actor only signed on for a certain amount of shows.

  40. The most wining illogical pathetic ending. If abc or bad robot comes up with another thing like this, I'm gonna stay away.

  41. it was stupid of me to watch the season. What is the island anyway? It never got revealed. Guess they(story writers) couldn't figure out so they decided to pull the dead weight long enough giving the hope that answers will come shortly.
    And then it ends with the stupid emotional drama.

  42. Thanks for the explanation Bernard. you are too intelligent. You can really make sense of the most bullshit emotional drama ever written. Nobody can outwit you. I surrender.

  43. I knew that I wasn't going to really like the ending,so I'm not too disappointed.I was expecting something so different for the last episodes,but I knew it wasn't going in that direction,since the moment Sun and Jin died.That kinda was when Lost ended for me.I'm definitely not a fan of how it ended,but I also don't wanna hate on it.I still love Lost and watching all episodes those years was awesome.

  44. If you don't like the ending to Lost, take a screenwriting class or learn something about the insides of entertainment industry. Lost was very well written, with marvelous character development. The Island was a plot device to help unfold the story of these people. Also, working on a television show and having to meet the demands of a network is hard and they did a really good job trying to stay true to their vision. Out of all the shows on television, Lost was a real treat. I enjoyed the last episode; even if there are questions still surrounding the island, it sums up life: Full of mysteries, but we have each other and we can give meaning to life. Like it or not, you apparently watched the show for some reason or another.

  45. Ok Bernard, we all respect that you loved the show finale; but don't have any right to treat people who disliked it like idiots.
    One of the things that kept many of us watching the show for years, was exactly its awesome ability to keep you yearning for answers to the unexpected or mysterious things that happened. Many of these questions were answered throughout the show, and many others, even some which were esential parts of the plot, just weren't. At all. The problem about not answering them, is that a huge part of the show now seems pointless.
    For example:
    -The Others: What did they do on the island? What was their purpose? What kept them there?
    -Ben and Widmore's rivality: Why they hated each other? What were they fighting for? The whole Kahana Ship thing... what was that for?
    -Jacob and MIB: Jack killed the MIB really easily. Why didn´t Jacob kill him before?
    -The island: What was it's source of power? Why did it heal people? Why did it keep all those "lost souls" (the whispers) there? Could Jacob control any of it? Why was the island able to keep some people ageless, like Jacob or Richard?

    Personally, I did like the last episode, but I expected much more. As I said before, many of the stuff I just mentioned was really central at some points of the story, and looking back some of them seem totally pointless. Not to mention that some characters who seemed very important, like Richard, Eloise and especially Widmore, deserved a lot more develpment.
    And last but not least, this last episode itself left created some new and important unanswered doubts:
    - Why weren't all the survivors in the church (Michael, Eko, Walt, Artz, Nikki, a long etc)?? Ok, probably they couldn't get all those actors together. I'll take this answer, though it doesn't sound really worthy of a show like Lost.
    - Why was Penny among them? She was never in the island, nor met many of that people.
    - Why was the experience on the island more important to these characters than their past life?
    - What about Miles, Lapidus and Richard?
    I know there are hundreds of another questions to answer, but I just put the ones I think are really relevant and were left just "forgotten".

  46. @Matthew: "even if there are questions still surrounding the island, it sums up life: Full of mysteries, but we have each other and we can give meaning to life."

    Ok, I'd buy that. But you can also say that in a 3 minute song. I still say, considering how Lost was especially in its first 3 seasons, that this amazing show deserved a finale where they could wrap most things up.

    But anyway... "what happened, happened". We're doomed to stick on this "fan theories" blogs as we've done in the last years.

  47. I really did enjoy watching the last episode, the atmosphere alone of it being aired was great as I watched it at 5am in the UK! I thought the emotional factor was amazing.

    I do agree with oaiturriaga that some of the characters did need further development, Walt being one! But I enjoyed the fact so many questions were still left open, it captured the mystery of the island and the whole series down to a T!

    The writers did an amazing job of ending an exciting 6 years :D

  48. I just watched the last episode..It was alright..But not like ''wowwwww the ending was freaking awesome''
    Im just glad it finally ended;)

  49. Still i have some questions though:/

  50. This show while having questions was incredibly simple to follow... there were twists and turns and OMG i didn't see that coming but they kept it very tight. I'm sorry but some of these people are idiots who think that the e.ntire show was them in limbo despite the fact they specifically say it was all real. But stop and think for 30 Seconds and almost all of the questions are so easy to awnser.

    The Others: What did they do on the island? What was their purpose? What kept them there?
    - They protected the island and were loyal to Jacob. What kept them there there are a ton of options that could have kept them there like Curing your sister of caner(Juliette) looking for forgiveness for murder (richard) oh and the fact that Jacob could control who left.

    -Ben and Widmore's rivality: Why they hated each other? What were they fighting for? The whole Kahana Ship thing... what was that for?
    - Did you not watch the show. Ben wanted to lead the others so he got Widmore exiled from the island that constantly move so its hard to find. Then widmore found the island and was eventually responsible for Ben's "daugter" death. They were fighting over control of the island.

    -Jacob and MIB: Jack killed the MIB really easily. Why didn´t Jacob kill him before?
    - Lets see the thing that made the Island magical that Jacob was told never to go into by his mother was uncorked and the island stooped being magical. So Jack and MiB no longer protected from death.

    -The island: What was it's source of power? Why did it heal people? Why did it keep all those "lost souls" (the whispers) there? Could Jacob control any of it? Why was the island able to keep some people ageless, like Jacob or Richard?
    - It was Magic look up the Temporary suspension of disbelief and yes Jacob could control some of it considering he made Richard ageless.
    New questions
    - Why weren't all the survivors in the church (Michael, Eko, Walt, Artz, Nikki, a long etc)??
    Maybe they didn't need each other to move on or it wasn't the ost important part of there lives.

    - Why was Penny among them? She was never in the island, nor met many of that people. Penny spent years looking for the island to find the love of her life. It was there experience that bonded them not the fact that they shared a stretch of sand.

    - Why was the experience on the island more important to these characters than their past life? Seriously you crash on an airplane and are involved in an incredable struggle of good-vs-evil/us -vs-them that completely changes you life but no the stuff before that was more important.

    - What about Miles, Lapidus and Richard? What about them they got off the island (most likely)

  51. Why am i being an ass for a show that in all honesty I really didn't like for years. TV Shows are art they tell stories. Now when a story ends you usually get a few different options.

    1. they tell you what happened and you don't have to guesse what happened to the characters involved cause you were told. aka "And the lived happily ever after"

    2. It end with no mention of the future. (you are supposed to just stop, wait for a sequel, or use your imagination)

    The "Questions" that you people are asking are inane. Big Questions that would have been WTF if they left unawnsered.
    a. If the island was real or not
    b. What the flashsideways were
    c. What the smoke monster was
    ect... so on and so forth...

    but they awnsered these then they gave us the ultamite they lived happily ever after. The only way to make it more of a for sure happy ending would be if God was there literally shaking there hands as they walked in the light and saying "Thank you for coming, welcome to heaven" Art is not supposed to supplicate thinking and if you can use at least a little bit of imagination while watching something and filling in the blanks without someone specifically stating it for you. then whats the point don't watch how like this watch a sitcom where everything stays the same and thinking need not be applied.

    I forget who said it but "fuck the fans, they are a bunch of whinny nerds you can never satisfy so ignore them." So everyone needs to stop acting like this show was cut off mid-season and recognize that while you may not like the ending this show has been incredibly crafted and thoroughly worked out with no gaping holes in the plot that throw off its continuity.

  52. I have loved Lost right from the pilot episode. I can remember the anticipation, hunger for mysteries and questions posed by each episode of lost and that was the main reason why I loved lost. Because it was simply mysterious.

    The writers of lost had claimed they knew the end right from season 1. That was what made Lost so attractive to me. When new mysteries surfaced I viewed each of them like pieces of a jig saw puzzle and spent a lot of time trying to put the pieces together but never getting a theory to tie all the mysteries together. But when we were promised an ending when we were way back in season 3 that the show would end in 6 seasons, I was really eager to see how the writers would all chain the pieces together which would explain the story completely.

    I feel totally cheated now. The writers were clever enough to give us a very feel good and emotional finale and have tried to distract us from the mysteries which they kept introducing until recently. We had a finale which was emotionally charged and made us feel it had a nice ending but that was not the reason I was watching Lost all this time.

    Where are answers to any of the mysteries they were aggrandising and made us believe it was all important? We know what is the alternate reality but what about the Island? What is the Island ? That was the central question which was not answered. What is the centre of the Island? Why it needs to be protected - even the switching off of the light did not end the world or cause any change to anyone except for a few rocks falling. Why it needs to be protected? Who came to the Island first ? There was not even a mention of Dharma in the finale.

    Jack had a son in alternate reality which I think was totally irrelevant to the story. This is very clear now that the writers just did not have a clue as to where the story was going. They must have wrote the finale just a few weeks or months ago.

    I feel the writers have outright lied to us all this time. When they felt there was no story possible which could explain or tie up all the mysteried they created all there way until season 6 they just gave this ending, just to fool us and make feel good about the whole season. If I have to rate the finale I would still rate it very high as it was a wonderful episode as such, but not what I expected in the finale.

    I see so many people have said they are satisfied with the ending. This just adds to the pain I am in just now. Obviously they are seeing 'the trees not the woods'. Reading people's theories was actually a wonderful experience. I do not want to take any names here, but I wish some of these theorists were the writers of Lost than the original writers of Lost. The way they were trying there best to give us a theory that would fit everything was amazing.

  53. After six seasons, I have come to expect nothing of this show, the “LOST” title referrers to the writers who have written themselves into a corner. They should have started to answer questions from season 5 and ask no more questions. They simply proved the theory “geniuses answer questions and idiots ask questions”.

    The show is so fundamentally flawed, there no point analysing the plot like:

    If Jack did not have Desmond’s powers, then he would be the new smoke monster?

    How did he get out the pond with the giant plug? How come I never bumped into Ben and Hurley?

    Who cares all the characters were 1 dimensional with their pointless flashbacks and pointless lives. For me the show was about the island and its origin. So I will have to make my own story. The island is a crashed spaceship which seeded all life on planet earth. I am sure this was in Walt’s comic book.

    I wished I given up on LOST after season 2. LOST viewing figures dived in the UK after season 2, for people like me who stuck with the show; I don’t feel I got rewarded.

    On a positive note it’s finally over, I can now forget all about it, like a visit to the dentist. Going forwards if a new show starts to ask pointless questions, immediately switch over, life is too precious to waist.

  54. Lost is simply like the best book you're ever likely to read but with all the important pages/chapters missing.

  55. No one else has ever tricked with my mind so much. I was intrigued , fought for answers , but then i finally saw it ... its of minor importance to seek for answers , and try to put everything in a row when there is no need to do that. life doesn't always give you answers .. so did that perfect show .. the big thing is that LOST made us all ...think a little bit more .. than we usually do..not just an easygoing answer to the end... and then we would all sleep ok ... not with LOST.
    personaly i felt that life, as the storytellers saw it, is just the path before the entrance to the big AFTER. And there everyone who has been lost ..finds peace to move on.
    Brilliant in every detail... unique for every meaning... and a masterpiece that made the difference ... thanks i really enjoyed it

  56. Everything on the island happened. They landed, they left, they came back. Lots of people died. It ended with kate, sawyer, richard, miles, lapidus, leaving the island. Jack, Hurley, and Ben are all left behind. Jack dies. Hurley and Ben stay on the island as the new "Jacob." That's it. Everyone who left the island on the plane went back home and died at one point or another. Finally, after everyone died, they all met up in the flash sideways? And they go to heaven together.

    this finale wasn't about answering questions, or talking about the mythology or whatever. It was mainly about the characters; which is what LOST has always done best and what the core value of the show was focused on. i think this as a perfect ending to a show that will probably be considered one of the best shows ever on television

  57. popke028 - Oh come on, the whole show was based on a question. The question of the island!

    That was the light the script writers were trying to protect.

    And to leave us clouds of smoke with no way to get off.

  58. It was perfect.

    You people don't seem to get it.

    Your constant look for answers and searching for missing pieces was the reflection.

    In the end, it's about the people. Quit looking for the little pieces and fraying strands, and live your life, and move on.

  59. Had it not been for the mystery of the island and the need for answers I'd have got off this ship in the second awful season!

    I stuck with it, like many others for the answers.

    Had the script writers said 'You'l never know what the island is or is about' this show wouldn't of made season 6!

  60. I expected more!now i fell disappointed!
    I was hoping and waithing for some answers...
    What the hell happened here?!?

  61. After a while I do actually get it now. The Island was real all the way through, some got off the island (miles, kate, sawyer, etc) and lived out their lifes. Lots of people died on the island. but everyone stayed in the other reality (where jack fixed lockes back etc.) which was just a waiting point until everyone had died, then they would all move on together. Lineus didnt go coz he wasnt ready yet. i do get it and it was very good. Still there are a lot of questions to be answered, and i do hope in the future they do another series just to tie up so loose ends but i very much doubt they will, with it being lost! absolutly amazing tho, and its a shame its ended!

  62. It wasn't that confusing. The flash-sideways world was a transit-station of sorts for the afterlife. WHen you die, before you go off to heaven or get reincarted, or whatever you believe in, you go to this place until you make peace and are ready to leave this life. The place is made up of all the people that meant something in your life. As you begin to find peace, you sift through all the noise and hone in on all the people that meant something to you. Which is why, eventually everyone ended up in the church.

    The island, and specifically the cave of light, was described as being life,death,rebirth. The island is protecting that flash-sideways world.
    At the end of the episode when Jack is dying and sees the plane with Kate, Sawyer, etc. fly over they are going to go on and live their life. When they die, say thirty years from now, they will end up in the flash sideways world with Jack and all those other people, because space and time dont matter there. That's why Charlie who died three years earlier was there with Jack at the same moment. It all happens at the same time. We as an audience are seeing everything through Jack's eyes, because he is the one dying at this moment in time. This entire season 6 flash-sideways could have been shown at the end of season 3 when Charlie died, because that's when it happened for Charlie.

    Everything on the island was real, everything that happened in the flashbacks and flashforwards happened. And all of the Dharma initiative, and widmore stuff happened. They wanted to get control of the island to manipulate electromagnetic energy. Jacob's stuff happened because he's trying to protect this flash-sideways "rebirthing" station,Hurley will protect it going forward, Sawyer, Kate, and everyone will go live their life now until the moment when they die. And because the island is safe, they will meet in the church with everyone else in that afterlife transit station.

    The reason Ben and Hurley have that exchange about being a good #1 and #2, is because by the time they get to flash-sideways world they have already lived out their lives and died. They probably spent twenty years together on the island.

    I think it was brilliant and beautiful.

  63. The ending was amazing! And the reason some characters weren't there at the end was because it wasn't the most important event to them (think Michael and Walt - would they want to have anything to do with the island in their afterlife?) And Lapidus...the island wasn't particularly great for him either. There are questions, and sometimes it is good to have things left to the imagination.

  64. i will start of saying yes the ending was a dissapointment but it did make sesnse it was just not the ending most people were hoping for !!I wish seasons 4 , 5 and 6 were as good as the first three seasons but they werent.I think the produces just ran out of ideas and created a plot so thick they lost track of wat was going on and didnt really no how to end it! I never expected to get spoon feed all the answers but they could have at least answered a few like how or why the island could not be found or why walt was so special! i feel the DI could have been explained at bit more aswell! This could have ended alot better and i think everyone knows it

  65. I think they were all dead from the beginning, and the people in the church at the end were the one’s who resisted the “after life”, that was why they went through everything on the island which I believe was purgatory, they were trapped there.

    The “others” were people who had already been there before they went to the after life and the dharma initiative were people who were also resisting death and trying to make sense of the island.

    I know Penny wasn’t on the Island, but everyone in the church were with the people they loved and wanted to see again, maybe they were waiting on their loved one’s to die in the real world before they would let go.

    Everyone who died in the plane crash was waiting for Jack to let go so they could all move on to heaven, they needed to wait on Jack because they all died in the crash and had to move on together.

    Other people on the plane with them who were not on the Island were the one’s who accepted death and moved on, straight away.

  66. totaly just ruined the whole lost experience for me... bad effort.

  67. Greatings from Serbia. I agreed that the Lost is the best tv show ever. I know why many of you dont understand. You are in one reality, I live in unother. Two decades already. The people in Serbia looking for exit, we cant leave our island. Come to us, you will find the answers.
    Bee carefull, maybe we make exchange with you...

  68. Jack, Kate ect blow up the magnetic dharma initiative site in the seventies why did this create the sideway flash, if it’s all just a special place they created in their mind to meet up? It would make sense if it was an alternative reality but it wasn’t, it was an in-between life and ‘heaven’ so they could resolve their issues .Am I just confused or does that not make sense? Also if they meet their when they die why did they have to be re-educated about each other?

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. like because by blowing up the magnetic site they stop the plane from every crashing... creating an alternate reality not a 'inbetween' doesn't make sense.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. It's so totally annoying becuase effectively the strangeness and mysteries of the island were irrelevant to the ending, theses guys could have met anywhere have a life affirming experience and ended up in purgatory together....This is what in my opinion makes the ending so useless, yes questions were answered, but not the fun stuff about the actual island experiences, it basically answered the question of what the side timeline was - which wasn't even around in the earlier seasons anyway....

  73. It may not be satisfying for people, especially those who wanted a scientific-explanation ending, but the flash-sideways world was a space for people who have died to make sense of their life, come to peace with it, and let go, so they can move on (be it heaven, reincarnation) etc.

    The island exists to protect that space (the sideways world). Without people would die without ever being able to move on. Or maybe existence would cease. With the sideways world, reincarnation or moving on to heaven become possible.

    In "Across the Sea" (the episode everyone seems to help" the cave of light is described as the thing that allows for "rebirth", life, death, etc.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I agree with Bernard almost everything he explained, he did it logically. The island, I doubt it's kinda some mysterious, fantastic place (like places we've yet to discover). If everything were all realistic, would there really be the after life, heaven, smoke monster, immortal Richard ect.? Well it would be perfect if it were explained more clearly.

  76. The producers didn't answer these questions (the others, why it was magical, where'd their mother come from, blah blah blah) because they want people to talk about this show forever. i mean come on. LOST is not good because you know everything, LOST is good because you basically know nothing and you have to think until the next episode until your mind gets blown again and you have to re-adjust what you think. I honestly think that if this finale answered every little question someone had, this show would have failed. Mystery is another huge part of this show, and the fact that it will still cause mystery after it's over, means this show did what it was intended for.

  77. I liked the ending (didn't love it, but liked it) - Fundamentally, just as all the characters had their flaws, so did the ending - rather poetic I think.

    From my understanding, everything in the first 5 seasons actually happened, the parts in season 6 on the island actually happened, the sideways stuff was an idealized version of what could've/would've happened through Jack's eyes had the plane not crashed. Time is relative - the moment that Jack dies and is about to pass over he is "reunited" with those people that played an important part in his life (I don't think having been on the island was a prerequisite for people (souls) being in the sideways world - but having met Jack would've been a pre-requisite for being at the Church in the end. While Jack "knew" Nadia through Sayed, Shannon was the one that had a relationship with Sayed at the time Jack knew Sayed ... Jack did meet Penny when they were rescued the first time ...

    No, the finale didn't answer all the questions viewers might've had - but then again, from Jack's perspective, would he had known the motives of the "others" or what the Dharma Initiative was trying to do? Maybe if the passing over was Ben's, we would've gotten more insight as to the Other's motives.

    I suppose Widmore's group and the Dharma Initiative were mirrors of the "scientists" back in the Jacob/MIB arc, that man has for a long time been trying to unravel the mysteries and properties of the island.

    There are prevalent themes throughout the series - free will vs fate, faith vs scientific fact, redemption, parent/child relationships...

    I think what the writers are getting at was there was always some kind of balancing act going on - some of the mysticism was explanable thru science, but not everything - maybe for some, too much is open for interpretation, but I think that was the intent to begin with - I mean c'mon it's a TV show, did you expect it to reveal the secrets of the universe or something?

    It was a wild ride while it lasted...

  78. I think Season 6 should have been created to answer questions. The writers of the show kept making the audience ask questions until the end. But, we should not forget that we are talking about magic here. Anything could happen, it's not a typical drama show where all things are clear at the end.

    In season 6 we saw no Walt at all for some unclear reasons. I wasn't a fan of Walt and Michael anyway, but this is one of the examples that many of the characters, happenings, and things that happened during the past seasons were pointless to me indeed.

    One of the dudes above mentioned that Jacob was asked to not hurt his brother or whatsoever. I think the black monster isn't Jacob brother anymore?! isn't that right? Jacob's brother is presented as Adam in the cave and he died becuase Jacob killed him?

    Few other questions in my mind at the moment:

    1. Why the MIB was stuck in Johns body and lost the ability to move on to another body? Is that related to any particular event or what?

    2. How come Jack doesn't have a son? I don't get till now. We saw Jack's son in the same alt-reality, so what's the deal here?!

    3. The numbers: writers focused too much on the numbers but left us with no single clarification about them in the end?

    4. I still remember, in one of the episodes we saw a picture of the the pilot Lapidus holding a bottle of milk and Missing Walt's photo was on it? What the heck was that?

    And many many questions they left unanswered. At the end, the experience of Lost was amazing. I almost enjoyed every single episode, although I'm not totally satisfied with the ending :)


  79. Everyone is "LOST" here either you liked the show or not. But, that could be meaning something which what the writters wanted us to be(I dont think they cared much about it though). I understand answering those little Q&A stuff was needed and I still dont get it, but just let it go. Life doesnt always bring you answers anyway. I was lost on "Lost" makes me much better feeling than turning to be I hate this F***** show type of people. What we've been through in last 6 years is what "LOST" was about. once you loved it, and hated, I say It was a great show. even if it wasnt always perfect. Thank you for a good time lost!!

    Time to say bye now.

  80. Reading through the comments and all not answered questions again, few other questions came up to my mind:

    5. The Dharma Initiative supply drops: Who was making the drops? How to find the Island to make the drops? And all Dharma Initiative staff were killed by the Other but supply drops continued to happen..

    6. Hurley's Green Bird / Kate's Black Horse: What are they? What's the point of them? Are they just random pointless hock-ups to make the show more interesting or what?

    7. The Ash circles? What are they? How they protect people from the Black Monster?

    8. The Sickness? Is it the MIB's power over people? We know that Sayid, Claire, and the French Team had what was called sickness.

    Gosh! I'm still remembering many things that left unanswered.



    I loved lost, i think it was the best tv series ever and the cast was perfect and I can't believe it's over

  82. - What was the fact that Jacob trying to prove to MIB? And he was pulling people to island to prove something to MIB??

    - Why did Dharma wrote the numbers to the door of the hatch?

    - What about johns father?? He was in the island??

  83. I'll take Tim point of view to find some peace in my mind about Lost, thanks Tim....

    I think Bernard is one of the writters of the show!, that's why he's so passionate about Q&A-make sense stuff.... and since you're answering questions ..answer this one: Why the Island is sinked on the first sideway scene from this final season??...

    In general I think they make a millionarie big incredible well-doned Pilot and probably they had in their minds a conclusion... unfortunate they did not count with all interest and expectations generated, so probably the network (ABC) ask them to enlarge and increase the mysteries, so they start like a 10 year old boy making non-sense stories, wich some of them were concluded in a riveting way and some of them were left for the fans to write-create-fight-come destroy and corrupt about it!...

    Finally... what I think that is kind of offensive is that some people tried to make you feel stupid if u did not get it or understand it... I think it's OK if you didn't get it!! they made it with that purpose!!... please comment....

  84. Our whole existence is a question. A question that every human being since the beginning of time has asked. No one has been able to answer that question to the satisfaction of all.

    People want answers.

    Do you think the producers of Lost don't know this? If people want what you have then you have those people...they had us for 6 years.

    The real and only question about Lost is...did you enjoy the ride? I did and that's enough.

  85. Everything WAS explained, listen to the dialogue, it all makes sense and comes full circle. THINK about things and they make sense. Not a word was out of place the entire episode.

  86. Incredulo Enamorado.

    Not a writer of the show, not a huge fan of the show, I stumbled across this trying to watch it online because most TV is so shitty I refuse to pay for it. Oh and to answer your question "Why the Island is sinked on the first sideway scene from this final season??"
    - Because it wasn't real anything would have made sense there as long as had to do with there lives. They could have made it all in the terminal or the flight. Because the flash sideways was like a dream. and the rest of it was real.

    "Finally... what I think that is kind of offensive is that some people tried to make you feel stupid if u did not get it or understand it... I think it's OK if you didn't get it!! they made it with that purpose!!"

    If you did not get it, at least what the ending was you are stupid. Now that's some tough news to hear, i understand maybe you need a clearer explanation of why you are stupid. Lets begin with the main definition of stupid - Slow of mind (according to the merriam-webster dictionary) so now you know exactly what I am calling you. They did not make the ending some deleterious ending They literally showed you that everyone goes to heaven and told you that everything on the island was real. So if you the the island was a dream, purgatory, hell, and altered state, the dogs dream, etc... you are stupid, slow of mind, a idiot, etc... and i am sorry this has brought out a ugly side of my character that is usually kept in check but I hate stupid people. I really do. The only ending that would have been more clear cut would have been if some one broke the fourth wall and literally did a Q&A with the audience.

  87. This is what you guys sound like with all the questions. Lets use the original Star Wars franchises.

    1. Ho do lightsabers work? I mean they use them the entire time and never explain how they work.
    2. What is the force I sat through 3 different movies and the force is still a mystery, well that's just lazy writing?
    3. Did you notice the credits say 4,5,6, whats that about?
    4. How did Obi Won become a ghost?

    This story leaves so many questions and never wraps it up in a neat little bow It completly sucked

  88. Finale was excellent. If you didn't "get it" or think it was just "made up to end the show" then you either didn't pay attention or haven't watched for long. Seems like very early on when Desmond first told Jack he'd see him in another life which didn't happen until the last episode.

    And for all this whining about disappointment I have not heard one legitimate alternate ending from anyone.

    1. Sideways was afterlife, purgatory, etc.
    3. The island is what stands between evil/good
    4. Smokey would have annihilated everyone had he escaped.
    5. Those who "moved on" had their most important time on the island and were ready to move on. Others weren't ready or had somewhere more important to move on to (or weren't dead yet).
    6. Light was an unparalleled energy source of life, death and rebirth that could be harnessed to manipulate time and space...it is a sci-fi show after all.
    7. Vincent is a guardian angel. My favorite part.... :)

    Sure we don't know what happened to Walt, but otherwise everything has a conclusion that can be drawn. I got it and loved it. It's all about the characters and togetherness. If that's too dramatic and mushy for you, then I am sorry for you.

  89. Bernard, I like you. Glad some others get it.

  90. It seems to me that everyone complainaing about the unanswered questions to LOST has completely forgotton the point of the show.

    The point of the show was to create this huge mystery about the island and to develop the characters over the course of 6 series.

    Everyone who watched LOST can agree that questions where clearly not answered, but the writers/producers delibertely didnt answer Some of these questions to keep the mystery of the island alive in the general public's minds long after the series has ended.

    I also like Bennard's comments on so the parts of LOST which are sometimes quite hard to follow

  91. Also, the finale was excellent!

    1. Emotionally gripping

    2. It thought the altenate reality was a bit dissapionting throughout the series, but when it turned out to be purgatory I was happily surprised, because it gave that story ark a purpose.

  92. I believe they were in purgatory from day one. The plane crash was where they died. The island adventure was invented to allow each of the mto fufill themselves and gain access to the after life. Each of them discovered their strengths while on the island after having a shitty life (locke gets screwed by his dad, kate is on the run etc) the Island allowed each of them to become what they wanted to be therfore allowing them to move on to heaven

  93. I agree with you Josh...and Bernard ofcourse! I was happy for Vincent as well :) And after all that you said, I will just add that they have a very good explanation for "deja vu" that we all have from time to time... Bye, bye Lost - from Croatia!

  94. OK, here are 10 questions off the top of my head for Bernard:

    1. What exactly happened after Juliet detonated the H-bomb? For instance, what happened from the point of view of Richard who lived through all these years?

    2. What was the deal with the time delay for the rockets and the chopper?

    3. Was the Island in the real space at any given moment? If it was, how come it stayed undetected? Or has it been moving all the time? (Which is highly unlikely.) If it existed in an alternate time-space continuum (which would explain time delays), how was it possible to leave it or to get to it at all?

    4. The Purge - why did it happen? The Others were not monsters - why did they commit an act of genocide? Was Jacob behind this?

    5. The Others' women have been dying during their pregnancies - why?

    6. Why did Richard tell Sun that he `had seen them die'?

    7. What happened to the big ship the Others used to move their staff from the Hydra Island to the main Island? (Post-op Ben was there with Jack.)

    8. How exactly Eloise Hawking knew everything that would happen?

    9. If Whispers were made by spirits, how come the Others always appeared at the same spot?

    10. Yes, food drops?

  95. 1. What exactly happened after Juliet detonated the H-bomb? For instance, what happened from the point of view of Richard who lived through all these years?
    - They went to their correct time. and nothing changed for richard he wasen't effected by the flashes.
    2. What was the deal with the time delay for the rockets and the chopper?
    - They were on an island with strange scientific properties.
    3. Was the Island in the real space at any given moment? If it was, how come it stayed undetected? Or has it been moving all the time? (Which is highly unlikely.) If it existed in an alternate time-space continuum (which would explain time delays), how was it possible to leave it or to get to it at all?
    - The islang was always moving that was what the light house was for. And why is it unlikely this is a fictional show not the Nature channel. The light house was for finding where the island was going to be. Did you watch the show? BTW Jacob controlled who left or came back.
    4. The Purge - why did it happen? The Others were not monsters - why did they commit an act of genocide? Was Jacob behind this?
    - It wasn't genocide first of all, and they were at war remember that they were there to protect the island from the outside world. Remember when Jaobs mother killed all those people.
    5. The Others' women have been dying during their pregnancies - why?
    - Magical Island, how does an explanation to this change the story?
    6. Why did Richard tell Sun that he `had seen them die'? Because from his perspective he did... they were at the center of a hydrogen bomb blast.
    7. What happened to the big ship the Others used to move their staff from the Hydra Island to the main Island? (Post-op Ben was there with Jack.)
    - Again how does this change the plot? Maybe it was the ship the MiB was going to.
    8. How exactly Eloise Hawking knew everything that would happen?
    - She was an Other and knew about the Island and met her son when she was younger and fit the pieces together.
    9. If Whispers were made by spirits, how come the Others always appeared at the same spot?
    They could be both.
    10. Yes, food drops?
    The Dharma Iniiative wasn't just on the Island. They may not be able to get to the Island but Jacob let them drop food on it. For all they know there are still Dharma people on it.

  96. Again your question were either answered by the show or they are just unimportant to the overall plot of the story. BTW I haven't mentioned if I even liked the end. If you didn't like it I get that its an opinion but acting like they just threw this thing together like they were writing an essay the day before its due is silly.

    The writers did a good job of closing lose ends over the last two seasons. And they even gave us a happy ending when they could have just gotten rid of the flash sideways and it still would of answered everything. But they specifically said it was real, remember this is a fictional story so magic is a real answer to the question especially since it fit with the island being a special place.

  97. For me this is the best comment(quoted from IMDB): "John Locke (the English philosopher) once said, "It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean." In one sense, Lost gave us the length of the line, but not the depths of the ocean."

  98. Jack, Kate ect blow up the magnetic dharma initiative site in the seventies why did this create the sideway flash, if it’s all just a special place they created in their mind to meet up? It would make sense if it was an alternative reality but it wasn’t, it was an in-between life and ‘heaven’ so they could resolve their issues .Am I just confused or does that not make sense? Also if they meet their when they die why did they have to be re-educated about each other?

    like because by blowing up the magnetic site they stop the plane from every crashing... creating an alternate reality not a 'inbetween' doesn't make sense......

  99. 1. Err... Richard wasn't affected by the flashes, so for him the bomb went off, and the Island sunk.

    2. Not good enough, sorry. This is an important point - remember the doctor who was killed on the freighter after his body was discovered by the losties.

    3. OK, I'll have to watch the Lighthouse episode again, I guess. Don't remember this.

    4. So, Jacob was a mass murderer, like his `mother'. Nice.

    5. Again, not good enough. It was an important point of the storyline - Juliet has spent three years of her life trying to figure it out, for God's sake.

    8. Eloise knew more than her son's diary could have possibly contained. For instance, all about Desmond - even this bizarre episode with a man in red shoes. How??? She knew everything even in the alternate timeline - she was certainly very special. And yet, she didn't strike me as special at the time of her reign on the island. What made her omniscient?

    Another very important moment: the Swan station. Desmond has spent three years pushing that button slowly going mad - why weren't the Others interested in helping him/replacing him? Jacob must have known that this was an ultra-important task - and did nothing.

    What's more, Ben lied to Locke that the station was a joke (having pushed the button himself during the lockdown!), and Locke smashed the computer, which almost caused the end of the world. Ben couldn't have possibly planned for Desmond to use his failsafe key - why would he do such a silly thing, then? What was his goal and why did he put the island at risk of destruction?

  100. In short, the soap opera stuff was rather good. The sci-fi stuff however was complete bollocks. The authors should switch to tearjerkers from now on, I believe.

  101. Lost4ever... boy testy aren't we? A). I have a decent knowledge of film and story writing, that doesn't make me arrogant and crtiquing the work of the writers is a perfectly legit activity on a blog. B). I singled you out because you are the one that was acting arrogant and intolerant of other people's viewpoints. I got the point of the ending and from my perspective, I understood the flash sideways as a sort of purgatory. I also understood that the show was character driven, which is why I tuned in to watch. What I did not appreciate was the lackslidical attitude they took in regards to many of the plotlines that were introduced throughout the six seasons. I realize that many were red herrings, but you have to admit their inability to even reconcile the viewer with some of the juciest tidbits was in the end fraudulent. I was dissapointed that I was able to guess the truth of LOST universe a year before it was revealed... I prefer to be surprised. On a final note, I chose to compare two well known directors to make my point (whether you liked it or not). If you call that name dropping, then I can only assume that the people with which you normally associate are fairly low on the intellectual scale. What does that say about you?

  102. look the gost in the jkl show when the video start pause,, and there he is. omg.. wtf.. is that..

  103. Funny, all the complaining, but still no proposal of an alternate ending...guess why? There's not another that could work as well.

  104. 1. The Island never sunk in real life... you can't change time the only person that could was Desmond the rules didn't apply to him. But remeber that the nuke idea failed the hatch was rebuilt anyway.

    2. I want you to explain how this minute anamoly of the magical island changes anything.
    4. Yeah lets see kill 100 people to save the world and everyone in it. That a morality call but i would do it.
    5. Jack spent at least 10 years trying to become a surgon... how long a character did something doesn't make it a huge part of the plot. Plus i return to the argument IT IS A MAGIC ISLAND not a Richard Dawkins lecture
    8. Eloise knew more than her son's diary could have possibly contained. For instance, all about Desmond - even this bizarre episode with a man in red shoes. How??? LEts break this down like she saw it
    a. She shots a man claimig to be her son. He has a diary proving it and charting what has happend.
    B. She leaves the island to run the lighthouse (She was an other)
    C. She helps the people get back to the island because she knows they do cause she saw it in her past. & Desmond Hume was in Faradays diary.
    She knew everything even in the alternate timeline - she was certainly very special. And yet, she didn't strike me as special at the time of her reign on the island. What made her omniscient?
    The alternate timelime wasn't real she wasn't real she was created by them to help them move on.
    Another very important moment: the Swan station. Desmond has spent three years pushing that button slowly going mad - why weren't the Others interested in helping him/replacing him?
    Why would they be someones doing it and the save the world thing was a dharma lie and they knew it. Jacob must have known that this was an ultra-important task - and did nothing.
    What's more, Ben lied to Locke that the station was a joke (having pushed the button himself during the lockdown!), and Locke smashed the computer, which almost caused the end of the world. Ben couldn't have possibly planned for Desmond to use his failsafe key - why would he do such a silly thing, then?
    What was his goal and why did he put the island at risk of destruction? Not pressing the button doesst destroy the world it releases the energy dangerously... remeber the plane crashed because desmond didn't press the button. the failsafe release all the energy like a massive overflow valve. Remeber Ben was willing to die for the island.

  105. Alrite. Took time to sleep over it.

    At first I thought the ending was ridiculous. They was I was very pissed off. I then felt very disappointed. Now it just a sense of sadness that one of best visual experiences ever created ended so bad.

    I am not even disappointed about the fact that the end did not answer the mysteries of the island. I am feeling cheated because I think it destroyed the integrity of the show.

    Nobody in the Island finally had a clue about what the island is and finally it seemed a 'Jacob joke' the whole thing. And when finally Hurley becomes the new 'jacob' it seems people are still just pushing the button without knowing why they are doing it. The worst part is the lives of these people which seemed so honest now seems like everybody in Lost was just living seasons and episodes.

    And finally for the whole sideways fiasco , to start a whole new story/ mystery just for the final season and giving it resolution when you have not resolved the plot that you have setup for five seasons is just not done.

    Still processing all the 100 hours of programming I have watched over 6 years.

  106. Last 10 minutes ruined whole series.

  107. Watching lost for almost 6 years was as pointless as Desmond pushing the button for 3 years :)

    The outcome of both were same - NOTHING !!!!!

  108. everything was going right till Jack opened his dad's coffin, i don't get it, if they were dead, then why Kate still running from police?...
    I'm not seeking answers but i think they didn't do a good thing by telling us they all dead because they were not, they fought 6 seasons just to be dead this way?!
    I think if Jack's dad was in that coffin and then he go to his friend in the church and remember everything, that was going to be the best end ever..
    Anyways, I hope someday we be able to watch another series like LOST.

  109. I thought the plane that kate, sawyer, miles, claire and lapidus were on would blow up eventually in mid-air? Didn't widmore have it rigged with explosives in a previous episode so that the smoke monster couldn't leave.

  110. one last thing, the only question i really want to know the answer is, what does Juliett meant when she told Saywer that "It worked" after the bomb exploded?!

  111. In my opinion the little things where the ones that made lost what it was ... that make me download the episode, wait for the new one and so on.... so leaving all those little things unanswered was a big dissapointment. I mean, to be honest after season 3 I barely care about the characters ... and just care about the answeres or little things. I think we all do so writters started to use this, making more and more unanswered questions until they couldnt handle it anymore ... the result was a season finale ...

    In my opinion writters aimed for the loyal and non negotiable viewers (bernard and lost 4 ever) ... cause lets face it .. that was the easiest way ... I mean is easier for the people to say that the bunny appeared of the hat than really explaining that the hat has a secret compartment that bla bla bla .. get the point??? the true believers of magic (loyal and non negotiable viewers) will say its pure magic ... while the "others" will be curious and unsatisfied or at some point diatisfied.

    Im not here to post some unanswered questions for bernard or anyone else ... I mean theres no point if all his answeres are all created by his opinion or beliefs.... I could answere my self with imaginary crap and beliefs ... something like radioactive fairies and a pokemon army kept the island running .. pikachu did the flashes and fairies did the magic.

    Anyway what I cant believe is that at some point the director denied all characters will die in the end and that the island was a purgatory of some kind ... he barely change the idea to fit a final season .. thats just lame... but not as lame as saying that a serial killer (ben, sayid and many others) a crazy irresponsable mother (claire) a murderer (kate) a conman (sawyer) and my favorite the junkie/alcoholic/suicidal musician (charly pace ftw) ... can go to heaven or if it wasnt heaven he had such a decent and happy ending .. guess theres no hell !!!

  112. Never posted on here before but just my take on this .
    In the end really enjoyed the ending bit of a whirlwind of an episode.
    I think that at the end it is a little narrowminded to think that it is heaven that they are going to. In the scene before the end with Jack and Christian the window has the signs of several different faiths/beliefs and i personally am not religious and i think that in the end they are finding peace with themselves and one another then moving on to whatever the VIEWER believs is next (lockes back is his peace, the couples at their peace and then finally Jacks peace is knowing that we LIVE TOGETHER DIE TOGETHER , not alone)... i thought that was perfect not telling us what we have to believe in.
    The whole show was built on hypothetical stuff, and everyone is forgetting the idea that the island is an electromagnetically charged place and that was what the light was. The MIB was electromagnetically charged matter(possibly) and that was why when jack released the eletromagnetic plug the MIB was mortal and he could leave since he was no longer bound tp the island??? (just some ideas) i love the sciencey and real elements mixed with the unreal. Still many questions but in the end quite a fitting ending, you forget how many EPIc moments that show has given us from series one.

  113. Wow Bernard,

    It's like you know how to react to every post with such irony and arrogance....Pardon my French but if YOU feel satisfied with the ending, that's fine. But if you don't understand and respect people (as myself) that still have questions that are still unanswered and liked to be answered then YOU are the biggest idiot here. It seems like for your sake everything fell perfectly together like a jigsaw puzzle. Well, a lot of us fans don't see it that way...

    As for one thing, I still would like to know: What is the island? What is the meaning of the statue on the island? Why did the mother of Jacob protect the island in the first place? Was she summonned? Why didn't we see Michael and Walt in the flashsidewaythingie? Why did the father of Miles want to engrave the numbers in the metal so bad during the drilling part? How did the Dharma initiative know these numbers were important?

    Offcourse you can take it your way and say: Who gives a #@$? Well, I do....And do you really think that if/when the writers answer these questions, I would say: Well uhhh now I everything so goodbye?? Hell no......

    I like the ending, but typical American. Everybody comes together and gives eachother hugs and everybody is happily ever after. It would have nicer if Jack turned into black smoke for instance...

  114. I want to get a few things straight I hate this show... I liked season one before all the bullshit mystical stuff happened. Stopped watching for four years till i knew it was going to end and watched the series from beginning to end. Here are the points Im making

    1. The show did a great job answering important questions that mattered to the plot. That is what the sixth season was about. Like What was the smoke monster, why was island important, who was Jacob, why didn't Richard age, etc.

    You can never answer every single question people have but this show did a great job wrapping it up. What you need to stop doing is acting like the network came in mid season and said you have one more episode wrap it up you are canceled.

    The questions being ask have been answered if you paid attention or have the slightest bit of deductive logic. Or they really don't matter to the story like who built the statue or why was the mother there. There are always holes in any show increasingly with the length and complexity of the show. And given the length of this show they did an amazing job.

    2. The ending was happy, but they all died. But whats wrong with a happy ending you watch show for 6 years get attached to the characters, invest over 100 hours of your life watching them develop. Whats wrong with the people you have seen get kicked, killed, tortured, torn away from there loved one be happy in the end? And lets not pretend that American TV is such crap if it was it would be exported all around the world.

    3. You are a prime example of Fanboy, who get there joy nitpicking every little detail of the story. You know what its over now so there is no more creative input from the writers. So here is an idea for you If you feel that there are so many questions unanswered why don't you sit down and wright som fan fiction, Here I get you started.

    Scene in front of the statue
    MiB to Jacob: Why did you build that statue?
    Jacob: I wanted a place to relax and liked the Egyptian theme.

    Also small correction I am not being arrogant but condescending.
    MiB: I like it too... BTW still wanna kill you.
    Jacob: I know, I know. you are like an epileptic lute player.

    something like that

  115. there was a question what was the light? well I think it is Pandoras box, cradle of the life is it not explaining everything to you???

  116. Well, Bernard..that's like your opinion man...

    Calling me a Fanboy shows your arrogance. Your quote "Or they really don't matter to the story like who built the statue or why was the mother there.", I would like to know why...You obviously don't, probably because you hate it..But who made you god calling me a fanboy if I am curious to know why? Yes, I really think they needed a couple of more episodes to explain certain things. Sure I realize you cannot answer everything but still that's a difference in opinion, man....Don't treat us like you are Mr High and Mighty who had the descency of watching it anyway after you felt it was crap, Kudos for you!

    And if you hate this show, why are you still babbling about it in the last place? That one still amazes me...So here is an idea for you, why don't you create a website called www.nitpickingnimwitssocalledlostfansstilltryfigureitout.com ?

    And maybe but that is just a theory, maybe we want answers to unsolved question because Lost has intriged us so much. Guess it didn't do it with you...so that's why I am saying especially to you: Please f@ck off...

    Something like that....





  118. Bernard:

    You seem to stick to the line `Whatever hasn't been explained is not REALLY important'. But then, this REALLY bit is just your opinion, isn't it?

    I agree with those who think that these little mysteries were the stuff that made LOST so special and intriguing - not the love quadrilateral between Kate, Jack, Juliet and Sawyer. It is is sci-fi show, after all, not a soap opera.

    And most of these mysteries remain unsolved - simply because the authors had no idea how to do it and replaced explanations with a bucket of syrup instead.

    And yes, you keep confusing the Lighthouse and the Lamppost. :-)

  119. Kat Leana:
    I think that many of the end of Lost were not good because it was not typical! Not what many had expected .. because many are often used to something else! Through various films and series! The finale was just right! Only after six seasons .. the message must first be understood. And it is good, the fans write all about it! The message: If you die, do not be afraid .. because you will see all the people again that you love, the love you .. was important in your life! And it is not alone!
    What was the use of black smoke ... very simple ... a demon of hatred from Jacob's brother has to get out of the underworld out to visit the island when he was driven through the river in the cave with the light. It was the hatred of a small gap had opened for this demon. The demon wanted from the island, because he was so long imprisoned in the underworld was ... at any price! He wanted to destroy the island to the demons from the underworld to liberate. Jacob's real brother wanted at any price from the island, because he knew it .. the behind the sea, nor is a different world ... he wanted to see .. the real world of which he and his brother arrived.

    Lost was a amazing Story over sooo many Years!!!!! :)

  120. My big question is...What was the island!!??? Cause some of the guys died there(like Jack) or after leaving it (Kate and others)...and if the flash sideways was the meeting place for everyone so they could all go to heaven or whatever...what was the island then!!!

    And I never really understood the metaphor with the wine bottle cap...

  121. final bullshit!!!!!,i think the writers were laughing when they saw the final episode:))))

    if u dont want us to know what was black smoke thats ok! but just tell me answer of these question!!!!!!!

    1-how john lock found the light!!
    2-who was black smoke before john lock
    3-i remember a black man (priest) in previouse seasons he was a good guy ,why did get killed
    4-benjamin told hugo there is a better way to leave the island!! WHAT WAS THAT!
    5- what happen to that plane and survivors?!!
    6- what happend to walt!!
    -------- the shitty things about the serial

    -if hugo was supposed to be next jacob why he was thinking about leaving the island:))))

    -Hugo ,ben,and other ppl on that plane was totally alive! why do u call them dead!

    -if u want to show everyone on the final episode thats ok but why do u show that darhama's leader as a show executer:))))

    i was expecting more than this...im so dissapointed

  122. I have to apologize to the writers of the show for comparing a guy like "Bernard" with you guys... sorry...

    Thanks to Erick and Tiimmiieehh that put in his place a person like you...

    My question was not answer, but is Ok, we could make more question than we can imagine about Lost, because that was what the show was about... making questions... And I don’t want your answers anymore "Bernard"...everything is pointless now... I'm a fan of the show and I watched the entire 6 seasons, I sure enjoy the ride, love the characters and like the end, but I’m not blind and I’m not a "non negotiable viewer" who has to create all the answer for his sake like you "Bernard"...

    Thank you for your definition of stupidity, I have another that involve a contradictory person who said that just "stumbled across" a series and denied himself as a huge fan, while with arrogance and a “smart ass” attitude spent more than 24 hours posting comments on a blog about a show he didn't even like...

    Please "Bernard" get your life back...

    And leave Lost chat to the real fans...

  123. I've realized that if they answered ANY questions, that it would only lead to more questions. Let's just say (for the sake of argument) that Walt actually got his powers from a grandparent. It skipped a generation. Now, would anyone have any questions from this answer? Of Course! ANY question answered in ANY way would only lead to more questions.

    Also, how i saw the numbers after season 5 was that they were just the serial number for the hatch. They were chiseling them in while reading them from a piece of paper! Sure, you could get the question "Who wrote the numbers down?" from this. Let's say it was written by Dr. Pierre Chang himself (again for the sake of argument). Then ANOTHER question or fifty come into play, like, "Did he know the impact they would have in the future?". This cycle is endless and you could even argue pointless stuff like "Why did Richard have a beard and long hair when he talked to young Ben in the '70s, yet not when he was saving him after he'd been shot?". None of it matters.

    The question i would like to know is: Where was Alvar Hanso in the show? According to some sites I read several years back, he was going to start working on life extension technology. I think he would have had a profound impact in the Season 2-3 era or even more so in Season 5.

  124. I have mixed feelings about the finale. On one side I think it was a great ending that leaves a lot of space for speculation like LOST used to all the time. On the other side I'm disappointed that it has ended, I mean, I'm not disappointed about how it ended. After I watched the finale I got a bit nostalgic, so I watched the pilot again and if you compare the start and the end of LOST you'll see that every character had made a huge personal progress through the show.
    Okay, maybe the finale doesn't gave enough answers, but that's what LOST was about - riddeling and imagening. If you see the whole story, you can see, that it just worked.

    LOST is one of the greatest series in television ever, no doubt about it.

  125. The answer to all your unsatisfied questions is........


    (No, in reality..... not the flash back/forward/sideways reality...... it is 42. But the computer still says "No")

  126. Great ending! Just like it was supposed to be... Loved it!! And I agree Lost is really one of the best series in television! I'm gonna miss the whole thing for sure.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. I think that the ending was confusing, but the more I read people's interpretations and have conversations about it, the more I love it.

    One thing I want to point out is that I REALLY believe that they were not dead when they crashed on the island. Jack's dad told him that everything that happened was real. The people, the events, and the places they went were REAL.

    The "flash sideways" were almost like a spirit paradise/prison. It was the place where dead spirits go before they move on to heaven or hell. They couldn't move on until they realized what was most important to them. The group of Lost survivors who met each other at the church were so important to each other that they all had to have each other to move on.
    Christian Shepherd brought them all there. aka: shepherd of christians..!!??
    His son sacrificed himself so others could be saved and some could make it off the island.

    After Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Ben, Richard and Frank flew off the island they lived their lives happily until they died and went to the "flash sideways" reality. They all died at different times, but when they died they returned to the state in which they experienced the most of their life. For those that were at the church, it was their time on the island together.

    I think this show is up for a lot of interpretation and leaves a lot of questions, but that also teaches us a good lesson. Life never gives us all the answers. We choose our own paths, but in the end we will be brought together with those that we love the most.

    That's what I got from it!

  129. Oh- and as for Michael and Walt not being in the "flash sideways"....
    My personal opinion is that when they left the island, they lived their lives in the real world, and that was the most important thing. Michael's most important thing was his son, and Walt just wanted to be with his dad in the end. So all they needed in the "afterlife" was themselves. They didn't spend as much time with everyone else on the island. They didn't need Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc to move on. So they weren't there.

  130. Your right this has been an incredible waste of my time. so no nor. It just stupidity just agitates me. And i didn't like the show but i kept watching cause it was amazingly well written and i wanted answers to the question i asked like what the island was, what the smoke monster was, WTF were they there, etc... Thankfully the writers answered all those questions. Its too bad the show you watched didn't answer your questions. It must suck to be such an imaginationless prat.

    Also it wasn't a SciFi show With the exception of Faraday there was no science in the show. It didn't try to explain the islands properties though science. What lost was a Drama Fantasy set in modern times.

    And the answers i gave weren't pulled out of my ass but from the actual show. Which is why I called you guys stupid because you bitching and leaving these questions that have answers in the show. So either i saw a different version of Lost or you just weren't paying attention.

    I think the best thing the writers did was ignore people like you because there is nothing that would have made you happy. You would have kept asking questions no matter what answers they gave you. When you are complainging that they didn't explain who built the statue you are so far gone into fandom that you cant even see it. But who knows maybe youl get your awareness when the 20 extra minutes are released this fall.

    Sorry I got sucked in i really do hate this shit,

  131. Now REALLY!

    This show was based on a pitch wanting to make a blend of "Survivor" and the computer game MYST (MYST and LOST???).
    MYST started out with brotherly rivalries that you had to figure out (only to find that even if you were on one side, the other would leave you in just as bad a position at the end).
    Myst never ended with anything answered. In the final installment it left you at the same point where the first game started..... uhm, just as this show ended, really.
    AND: the meaning of the number 42.... or the meaning of any number for that sake, is the meaning we as readers describe to it. The show here tried to finish that up in a nice way, and maybe didn't succeed, but still; It said that our modern way of living life is how we tell ourselves the story of that life. The telling is as powerful as the real deal, and the telling can affect the other.
    Like a man choosing "Yes we can" as a slogan.... or having a people being aware that the Berlin wall is a proposterous thing that have to come down.

  132. Producers lost as Masons they are, short history with a very clear symbolic message (the important thing in life is the journey not the destination).

  133. I think women died if they were pregnant because it was one of the islands "rules". Because think about it, if children could be conceived on the island, the MIB or Jacob could have sons and give them the "power" that were inside them.

  134. vv:

    1-how john lock found the light!!
    he couldnt doit without jacobs cooperation, and jack led him there
    2-who was black smoke before john lock
    Who cares? he was jacks father, and then locke... why would we care about before
    3-i remember a black man (priest) in previouse seasons he was a good guy ,why did get killed
    His name was Ecko, again, who cares about him
    4-benjamin told hugo there is a better way to leave the island!! WHAT WAS THAT!
    With Jacobs power
    5- what happen to that plane and survivors?!!
    Who cares? they died in the end. Thats the only thing that matters
    6- what happend to walt!!
    he had a better life after the island, thats why he didnt need lock or sawyer or jack

    -if hugo was supposed to be next jacob why he was thinking about leaving the island:))))
    He wasnt supposed to be, he chose to be after Jack sacrified himself

    -Hugo ,ben,and other ppl on that plane was totally alive! why do u call them dead!
    What plane?

    -if u want to show everyone on the final episode thats ok but why do u show that darhama's leader as a show executer:))))
    Because it was his event, why do you care about this?

    To be honest, i think u dont understan de point of the show, why dont u go watch gilmore girls or some other thing that wont make you think. You suck

  135. Why does everyone forget Claire?! and what happened to her when she came back to the real world... did she meet Aaron?
    and Hugo and Ben.. did they watch over the island until they died? Thought the "Jacob" was immortal.. and if they lived many years on the island.. did they more people to the island? That later become the new jacob after hugo? This show can make a season 7! it's not over yet...

  136. Alrite here goes my LOST theory. In fact theories, because I have a theory about the island and one about the show itself. Please try to read it with an open mind and this is just a theory so don’t shred me into pieces.
    Lets first talk about the show.
    I first hated the finale after I saw it. But after a couple of days , from reacting to it I think I moved on to analyzing it. My biggest problem with the finale was it was “obviously” disappointing. The writers of this caliber who have written more than a 100 great episodes just had to know that this was just not done. Why would you introduce another mystery (Jack trying to find his kid) just before the end of the end. Then I saw the final episode again and I think I realized something. What we thought of as mysteries all along are in fact clues.
    Lost was never supposed to be a regular mystery TV series that setup mysteries and gave a run-of-the-mill explanation in the end. It is a puzzle . The writers have been giving clues to this puzzle throughout the six seasons. I think in the last season they not only included the final clues to help us solve the puzzle but also gave us the “rules” to solve it. In a way the creators of the shows were like “ Jacob”. They created their rules. We were searching for the answers and asking Jacob questions all along. Some of the things I noticed from just the last episode.
    Desmond tells Kate .., “No one can tell you.”
    Jack and MIB conversation .., “Isn’t this the obvious choice”..// .. “ .. That’s the surprise”
    Desmond and Jack.. “None of this matters…” … “Trust me all of this matters”
    Hugo and Sayid .. “I am not allowed to tell you” // “ there are rules”/// “Trust me .. I trust you.” … “You’ll be happy that you did.”
    Jack, Hugo and Sawyer … “ Jacob did not say anything about Desmond”.. “When did he say anything about anything at all.” .. “He is worse than Yoda”
    In fact I think the characters remembering is also a metaphor for the audience cracking the puzzle. Jack is like the people who still haven’t got it and we are taken through it by “Christian Shepherd” . In the end the reason they show white light is “Guys if you need any more clues, here comes the bright light”. This is not a sci-fi show but a mythological one. Not a religious one (They show all the religions inside the church), but a spiritual one. I think that was the final clue we needed.
    I think it makes total sense now why there was no explanation. It would have been a crime to explain it. The Lost fans have spent years going through all the clues presented and not giving them a chance to solve the puzzle with the final clue would have just been unfair.
    But again I think Lost was not just a TV series but an experience. We were not just passive viewers but “candidates” chosen by Jacob to protect the island. I know we are pushing the metaphor bar here but that was what Lost always was.

  137. Now for what I think the puzzle was. (The final clue was it is a spiritual explanation not a scientific one). I think I have to watch it from the first to crack every detail but the bigger picture I think is this.
    I think the island is “The garden of Eden”. But I don’t think it is the exactly in the biblical sense because the mythology combines concepts from various religions. The island was the place where man was created. But he proved himself not worthy of the island and the island became lost to man forever. The island is then protected by someone who stills believes in humanity.
    So the island is a real place on earth. Now the way the island works is that the protector can make up its own rules. So apart from “across the sea” and a bit of the final episode we see the island only with Jacob’s rules. I think the shipwrecks and plane crashes are not literal but lost souls crashing into the island for redemption. What I mean is I don’t think they died in the plane crash. I think they all died before it. Crashing into the island just means souls of the people who have died and not realized they are dead, are brought to the island by Jacob.
    Now the story of the people we follow is special because these lost souls are also candidates to become the protector. Lots of candidates have come and gone but these people are special because they will finally replace Jacob and kill the smoke monster that Jacob created by mistake.
    I also think Ben, Juliet and some other people on the island are not dead. (That’s why I think Ben could kill Jacob, that was the loophole) . The dharma initiative was a group which discovered the island and tried to screw it up like all men.
    One thing I noticed was initially the characters asked so many questions about the island, but in the end Hurley agrees to be the new protector without even knowing what the light was. I think part of the redemption process was the stop questioning ( Eating from the tree of knowledge.). It was about letting go. Not just what you have done in life but about letting go of all that you are conditioned to think in this world. Letting go and believing. Like the mother says “ Every answer will lead to another question”. That is why Jack (the most cynical one) found redemption when he finally believed in the purpose and stopped asking questions.
    I think it is already a long post. I want to figure out so many more things. Which is why I am thinking of watching the whole thing again.
    Lost for me, made me think about so many things. Read up on so many things. Think about spirituality , science and question both. So much time spent with friends theorizing. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you creators. And “I remember.”(I think).

  138. please explain me why did Dharma printed the "numbers" on the hatch?

  139. Were the numbers Jack, Sawyer, Kate etc's candidate numbers?

  140. I have watched the last episide twice now and i like the persons novel above, found watching it again so eye opening!

    all the cute hints i got the second time round. Even if you dont buy the flash sideways ending and are confused to why a lot of the questions are not answered. to have to admit the writing is so well done!

    My theory is the light on the island is manifested in the 'walk towards the light' when you die (or the light when Christian opened the doors to the church). therefore the light on the island is the way for the sprit to go to heven thus giving the light and island even more importance. thoughts?

  141. Personally, I thought the finale was some of the best television I have ever seen and it’s my favorite Lost episode since "The Constant". It was, IMO, a really, really cool way to end the series.
    I've been going over every detail of the final show for days now and I've watched and re-watched the show and some of the scenes in particular, a couple of times now. For me at least, it gets better every time and that's precisely the reason Lost was such a good show. As well as entertaining, it made you think about what you were watching, sometimes for days... Not just flip channels to see what else was on as soon as the credits rolled.
    Again, for me, Lost was much more about what happened to Jack, Kate, Desmond, Sawyer, John, Juliet and the rest of the Losties than what the island was and where it came from... The island was simply a device to get those characters together in the first place.

    For me, Lost was the best 6 seasons of any television show I have ever watched, great ending and, sadly, I aggree with previous posts... I don't think we'll see anything like it on television again.

    Then, although I loved the final episode, I get that some people won't have experienced the show the way I did and aren't happy with how the show ended but that's something they will have to deal with, not me...
    Over the last couple of days I've been checking what people have been saying about the final show and for those of you who still have questions, I found two posts... The first, supposedly by one of the writers from Bad Robot... It might be fake but it’s a good read and the second at newzviews today. I think they go a long way in answering some of those questions you are still wondering about...

    4096 Character maximum so they'll take me a couple of post but the links are:




  142. First ...
    The Island:

    It was real. Everything that happened on the island that we saw throughout the 6 seasons was real. Forget the final image of the plane crash, it was put in purposely to f*&k with people's heads and show how far the show had come. They really crashed. They really survived. They really discovered Dharma and the Others. The Island keeps the balance of good and evil in the world. It always has and always will perform that role. And the Island will always need a "Protector". Jacob wasn't the first, Hurley won't be the last. However, Jacob had to deal with a malevolent force (MIB) that his mother, nor Hurley had to deal with. He created the devil and had to find a way to kill him -- even though the rules prevented him from actually doing so.

    Thus began Jacob's plan to bring candidates to the Island to do the one thing he couldn't do. Kill the MIB. He had a huge list of candidates that spanned generations. Yet everytime he brought people there, the MIB corrupted them and caused them to kill one another. That was until Richard came along and helped Jacob understand that if he didn't take a more active role, then his plan would never work.

    Enter Dharma -- which I'm not sure why John is having such a hard time grasping. Dharma, like the countless scores of people that were brought to the island before, were brought there by Jacob as part of his plan to kill the MIB. However, the MIB was aware of this plan and interferred by "corrupting" Ben. Making Ben believe he was doing the work of Jacob when in reality he was doing the work of the MIB. This carried over into all of Ben's "off-island" activities. He was the leader. He spoke for Jacob as far as they were concerned. So the "Others" killed Dharma and later were actively trying to kill Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and all the candidates because that's what the MIB wanted. And what he couldn't do for himself.

    Dharma was originally brought in to be good. But was turned bad by MIB's corruption and eventually destroyed by his pawn Ben. Now, was Dharma only brought there to help Jack and the other Canditates on their overall quest to kill Smokey? Or did Jacob have another list of Canidates from the Dharma group that we were never aware of? That's a question that is purposley not answered because whatever answer the writers came up with would be worse than the one you come up with for yourself. Still ... Dharma's purpose is not "pointless" or even vague. Hell, it's pretty blantent.

    Still, despite his grand plan, Jacob wanted to give his "candidates" (our Lostaways) the one thing he, nor his brother, were ever afforded: free will. Hence him bringing a host of "candidates" through the decades and letting them "choose" which one would actually do the job in the end. Maybe he knew Jack would be the one to kill Flocke and that Hurley would be the protector in the end. Maybe he didn't. But that was always the key question of the show: Fate vs Free-will. Science vs Faith. Personally I think Jacob knew from the beginning what was going to happen and that everyone played a part over 6 seasons in helping Jack get to the point where he needed to be to kill Smokey and make Hurley the protector -- I know that's how a lot of the writers viewed it. But again, they won't answer that (nor should they) because that ruins the fun.

    In the end, Jack got to do what he always wanted to do from the very first episode of the show: Save his fellow Lostaways. He got Kate and Sawyer off the island and he gave Hurley the purpose in life he'd always been missing. And, in Sideways world (which we'll get to next) he in fact saved everyone by helping them all move on ...

  143. Now...

    Sideways World:

    Sideways world is where it gets really cool in terms of theology and metaphysical discussion (for me at least -- because I love history/religion theories and loved all the talks in the writer's room about it). Basically what the show is proposing is that we're all linked to certain people during our lives. Call them soulmates (though it's not exactly the best word). But these people we're linked to are with us duing "the most important moments of our lives" as Christian said. These are the people we move through the universe with from lifetime to lifetime. It's loosely based in Hinduisim with large doses of western religion thrown into the mix.

    The conceit that the writers created, basing it off these religious philosophies, was that as a group, the Lostaways subconsciously created this "sideways" world where they exist in purgatory until they are "awakened" and find one another. Once they all find one another, they can then move on and move forward. In essence, this is the show's concept of the afterlife. According to the show, everyone creates their own "Sideways" purgatory with their "soulmates" throughout their lives and exist there until they all move on together. That's a beautiful notion. Even if you aren't religious or even spirtual, the idea that we live AND die together is deeply profound and moving.

    It's a really cool and spirtual concept that fits the whole tone and subtext the show has had from the beginning. These people were SUPPOSED to be together on that plane. They were supposed to live through these events -- not JUST because of Jacob. But because that's what the universe or God (depending on how religious you wish to get) wanted to happen. The show was always about science vs faith -- and it ultimately came down on the side of faith. It answered THE core question of the series. The one question that has been at the root of every island mystery, every character backstory, every plot twist. That, by itself, is quite an accomplishment.

    How much you want to extrapolate from that is up to you as the viewer. Think about season 1 when we first found the Hatch. Everyone thought that's THE answer! Whatever is down there is the answer! Then, as we discovered it was just one station of many. One link in a very long chain that kept revealing more, and more of a larger mosiac.

    But the writer's took it even further this season by contrasting this Sideways "purgatory" with the Island itself. Remember when Michael appeared to Hurley, he said he was not allowed to leave the Island. Just like the MIB. He wasn't allowed into this sideways world and thus, was not afforded the opportunity to move on. Why? Because he had proven himself to be unworthy with his actions on the Island. He failed the test. The others, passed. They made it into Sideways world when they died -- some before Jack, some years later. In Hurley's case, maybe centuries later. They exist in this sideways world until they are "awakened" and they can only move on TOGETHER because they are linked. They are destined to be together for eternity. That was their destiny.

    They were NOT linked to Anna Lucia, Daniel, Roussou, Alex, Miles, Lupidis, (and all the rest who weren't in the chuch -- basically everyone who wasn't in season 1). Yet those people exist in Sideways world. Why? Well again, here's where they leave it up to you to decide. The way I like to think about it, is that those people who were left behind in Sideways world have to find their own soulmates before they can wake up. It's possible that those links aren't people from the island but from their other life (Anna's parnter, the guy she shot --- Roussou's husband, etc etc).

  144. A lot of people have been talking about Ben and why he didn't go into the Church. And if you think of Sideways world in this way, then it gives you the answer to that very question. Ben can't move on yet because he hasn't connected with the people he needs to. It's going to be his job to awaken Roussou, Alex, Anna Lucia (maybe), Ethan, Goodspeed, his father and the rest. He has to attone for his sins more than he did by being Hurley's number two. He has to do what Hurley and Desmond did for our Lostaways with his own people. He has to help them connect. And he can only move on when all the links in his chain are ready to. Same can be said for Faraday, Charlotte, Whidmore, Hawkins etc. It's really a neat, and cool concept. At least to me.

    But, from a more "behind the scenes" note: the reason Ben's not in the church, and the reason no one is in the church but for Season 1 people is because they wrote the ending to the show after writing the pilot. And never changed it. The writers always said (and many didn't believe them) that they knew their ending from the very first episode. I applaud them for that. It's pretty fantastic. Originally Ben was supposed to have a 3 episode arc and be done. But he became a big part of the show. They could have easily changed their ending and put him in the church -- but instead they problem solved it. Gave him a BRILLIANT moment with Locke outside the church ... and then that was it. I loved that. For those that wonder -- the original ending started the moment Jack walked into the church and touches the casket to Jack closing his eyes as the other plane flies away. That was always JJ's ending. And they kept it.

    For me the ending of this show means a lot. Not only because I worked on it, but because as a writer it inspired me in a way the medium had never done before. I've been inspired to write by great films. Maybe too many to count. And there have been amazing TV shows that I've loved (X-Files, 24, Sopranos, countless 1/2 hour shows). But none did what LOST did for me. None showed me that you could take huge risks (writing a show about faith for network TV) and stick to your creative guns and STILL please the audience. I learned a lot from the show as a writer. I learned even more from being around the incredible writers, producers, PAs, interns and everyone else who slaved on the show for 6 years.

    In the end, for me, LOST was a touchstone show that dealt with faith, the afterlife, and all these big, spirtual questions that most shows don't touch. And to me, they never once waivered from their core story -- even with all the sci-fi elements they mixed in. To walk that long and daunting of a creative tightrope and survive is simply astounding.

  145. The second post:

    Lost Finale Explanation:ABC’s “Lost” was one of my favorite TV shows ever. I never missed an episode. Like so many fans of the show I sat at the edge of my seat every week for the past six seasons watching as the writers continued to surprise us with unexpected plot twists and random character deaths. The summers were the worse; I waited patiently until a new episode graced my screen to only be rewarded with yet another mystery. Damn you “Lost!” It was truly a love hate relationship from the beginning but I continued to watch because it was the best show on television. With that said, I had absolutely no plans to write anything about the series or the finale. Then I began reading those nasty fan reaction comments online. As it turns out, many fans of the show misunderstand the ending and feel that the writers left too many questions unanswered. The writers did leave some things to your imagination. Would you expect anything else from “Lost?” I’ll try my best to clear things up.

    Lets start with the big one.

    Q. Were the characters in purgatory the entire series?
    A. No. The “flash sideways” scenes showed their individual afterlife existence. The Oceanic Flight 815 survivors did live on the Island. Some characters died on the Island, others died off the Island.

    Q. What’s up with that light at the center of the Island?
    A. The light is a powerful electromagnetic source that can affect the Island and its inhabitants. It’s also a MacGuffin. A ambiguous plot element that major players in the story are willing to sacrifice almost anything to obtain.

    Q. What is the Island?
    A. The Island is a mystical, moving, ancient land mass that prevents evil from escaping into the rest of the world. It also gave certain characters abilities (healed John Locke’s paralyzed legs) and made others crazy (Claire and Rousseau).

    Q. Why did the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 appear in several episodes?
    A. The numbers symbolize the final six “candidates” to become the Island’s new protector. John Locke is 4, Hurley is 8, Sawyer is 15, Sayid is 16, Jack is 23 and Sun Kwon is 42. Jacob wrote the names and numbers in an ancient cave.

    Q. Who created the Egyptian statue of Taweret and markings all over the Island?
    A. The Island natives, long before the Oceanic Flight 815 plane crash and the DHARMA (Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications) Initiative.

    Q. Where did Jacob and The Man in Black’s biological mother come from?
    A. Claudia spoke Spanish and stated she came from “Across the sea.” She shipwrecked on the Island.

    Q. Why wasn’t Michael in the church in the finale?
    A. In the episode “Everybody Loves Hugo,” Michael tells Hurley he’s not allowed to move on because of things he did while he was alive.

    Q. Why can’t babies be born on the Island?
    A. They can. Jacob and The Man in Black were born on the Island, so was Claire’s child. They have trouble being conceived because of the electromagnetism. Sun did conceive Jin’s baby on the Island.

    Q. Where did the light at the center of the Island come from?
    A. It’s not man made. It’s the heart of the Island.

    Q. Why did the light have to be protected?
    A. It had to be protected from the Smoke Monster aka The Man in Black who wanted to leave the Island. He could only leave the Island if all the “candidates” were dead. Destroying the Island was his kill two birds with one stone back-up plan.

  146. Q. What was the “Loophole?”
    A. This refers to the time-loop theory. The Man in Black used the time-loop to trick Richard and Ben into thinking John Locke had to die. Therefore, The Man in Black caused the death of John Locke and Jacob without actually doing the killing.

    Q. If they survived Oceanic Flight 815, how come they didn’t show any people with the plane wreckage during the closing credits?
    A. It’s symbolic. Many final episodes show an empty space to symbolize the end. If you look close, you can see footsteps and clothing in the sand.

    Q. Why did the finale end with a religious theme?
    A. Many faiths, traditions and customs were represented during the six-year run. Ultimately the show was about redemption: to change for the better and to make amends. If you don’t understand this, well you don’t understand “Lost.”

  147. Maybe those posts help, maybe they don't... Me... I'm just waiting for the DVD to be out in August.


  148. To Bernard:

    Just to give you a big thanks dude!

    I still had some questions, due to forgetting, not easy understanding, being thick, i don't know... :-D

    Anyway, the way you explained, it all came back to me, should've seen me here nodding like a complete ass :-D

    So if you didn't get it: Loved the show, loved the ending, understand it all (now) .

  149. Oh, and thanks to gregr too :-)

  150. people need to see how clever the writing for this show is...yes the island had no direct tangible explanation for what it was and what it does but that’s the point why explain something so mystical why not leave it with the same air of mystery and intrigue that it was always supposed to have. the great thing about how the writers ended lost is that you are able to apply and draw your own metaphors and explanations from it whether that be what the island really is or what was beyond the light it doesn’t matter it lets you the viewer make those decisions. I think explanations would have only destroyed that feeling of awe about the island that had taken 6 series to achieve. T

    he writers achieved exactly what they wanted to and that was bringing together the best narrative and character development ive ever seen on tv. it made u realise as a viewer the journey you had been on with these people and how much emotional attachment you had to them and in bringing an ending to that they succeeded spectacularly. I think the people who didnt enjoy the ending were looking for the wrong things from lost, it wasn’t for a comprehensive complex integrated answer of every question it posed (something that we all were probably expecting when it first started) but instead to make you realise how captivating it was as a story for your imagination and the relationship that you felt with the characters. And yes that’s is much more of a poietic and flowery reason to feel satisfied by but it was exactly what the writers were trying to achieve I think and is something that satisfied me completely and I am very sad to see it go and i also agree that i think liost has taken its plave within the hall of tv entertainment fame in a very particular niche. it achieved things that i feel ultimately will never be replicated not just for its incredible narrative and character development but because it was the first to do so.
    i think gregr puts it slightly better but thats my opinion

  151. There's no need to be divided by this ending. Let me explain (I'm French so I apologize for my approximative english) :
    I have a theory about the Island (this come from wikipedia):
    Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. In the book, "Shangri-La" is a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance. That would explain a lot. Also, the characters in the novel are victims of a plane crash, coincidence ? I don't think so. I mean look at the title of the book ! The place where it occurs (Does it ring a bell ? Namaste ? the Dharma initiative as the lamastery ?) I think we have almost all the answers, but we have to look for them in the intertextuality and the references in the show. The light is surely the Fountain of Youth (associated to the electro-magnetic energy), the black smoke is probably something like the MiB's soul trying to leave the island (to move on too)...

  152. I think what Gregr posted echoed my sentiments exactly.

    Further to that, now that we know that there are no more questions to be asked, we can go through the show again and start to connect the dots.

    Such a small matter as the food drop in season 2(?), could be attributed to one of the losties in the 70s, putting something in motion for it to happen in the future.

    It could have been from Eloise Hawking arranging for the food drop, as she was deeply invested in getting them all back to the island, and not to create a paradox.

    It could have even been an automated food-drop due to the hatch going into lock-down.

    All of those are legitimate possibilities, that the dots line up to point to, but Lost did a good job in not spelling it out obviously.

    Walt wasn't in the show more because he aged too quickly and they didn't want to use a different actor. They unfortunately had to abandon walts storyline.

    But if you look at it, Walt was about as special as Hurley, Miles, or Locke. The others wanted him so bad, because Ben was jealous and wanted to examine anyone that was more special than himself.

    Same reason Mr Eko got killed off and wasn't in the finale. The actor didn't want to live / travel to hawaii anymore. He probably was intended to have a bigger part, but because of this couldn't. The writers then had to write around this.

    It is a TV show at the end of the day, and not a film. Same thing with the writers strike, Season 4 was only 13 episodes compared to 23 the season before. That's half the story gone.

    It's very reactive sometimes, and the writers did a fantastic job.

  153. Greetings

    A don´t thing you have saw what I saw…
    We have to see all the facts, at some point they prevent the plane to crash by putting a bomb on the construction site where the electromagnetic field was.

    This event caused one more parallel universe, one where the plane didn’t crash and one where the plane has crashed.

    Since in the end, on the reality were the plane didn’t crash we see that they all are dead, I have one interpretation, we are all dead, they realized that with the help of the island. Why? Because every one that died on the island became trapped on the island. So in one reality they stayed trapped on the island, and on the other they skipped on step “death”.

    I also think that the island was a place between life and death (earth and some other place or vice-versa).

    I think that the author want us to bring one question: “what if, we are all death, and this is the place where we must find our island in order to move on?”

    p.s. sorry for my English, it must be bad!!

  154. I like most people on here, have my own theory/ opinons on what LOST was about.
    For what it's worth this is what i think the Island was for.
    The centre of the Island was some sort of "quantum core" that needed to be protected, so that the web of alternative/simultaneus quantum realities that unfurled during the characters lives could be maintained.

  155. Here is a good review of the film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVG2qkXO4xU&playnext_from=TL&videos=LakGavPE0Mk&feature=sub

  156. Here is the Sideways Universe explained


  157. Total failure......I'm just confused....Do u guys think that the black smoke is realy bad?????? Jacobs mother killed those innocnt people in coldblood, and Blacksmokes action can be justified, he just wanted to leave, Is he really the bad guy????? And there are so many ununswred things to, total waste of time, terrible, feel really sorry, thnx 4 ending it, so we can use that time to do smthing better.....LOLxxx

  158. The creators are resposible, they jst created the story, they didnt have a clear mind hoe it should end, please when some one making a series fish the total story before production, this is total gross, Dissapointed,
    I'll ask 1 qstion the Island desides who 2 bring to the island, so why the hell it brought them @ the first place( Jacob and his people), Hv so many qstions if any1 need........

  159. Cheers to Bernard, your comments are well structured and informed. For those of you disappointed with the ending of the show I have nothing but pity. What an outstanding television series, the best since the X-files. For those of you who want every single question answered, you should consider yourself lazy. This forum reminds me of when I walked out of the movie Cloverfield, having been greatly entertained, I turned to my partner and said 'How F@#*ing awesome was that?', to which she replied 'It was a pile of s#@t'. Every reason I loved the movie, was the very reason she hated it. I loved that they left so much unanswered, in both Cloverfield and Lost. Like in life, you do not get all of the answers. Free will is about filling in the gaps between the parts of the story you are given. The beauty of this show is that it gives you all the freedom to become the story teller, as each viewer interprets the show in their own way and compares opinions. This makes the world of Lost grow exponentially in ways it never could if all of the questions were answered by the writers. The light in the cave was the same light that was in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase, it is the same light that Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker's ghostly figures were made from,it's also the same light that comes spewing out of the fridge door when you open it. Let it be whatever you think it is, and if you can't be bothered making it up yourself, don't be angry at the show's writers. Two thumbs up to LOST, thanks for the memories and the thoughts you provoked.

  160. the story of the people who are meeting in the temple happened a few years later, when everybody died. also the survivors - richard and the others -, also hurley with ben - maybe after another pack of series. the most important thing is that jack finished his fate, he saved the light on the island. after that, they needed to meet each other and remember the others to pass. the island is a "real" thing, the story on the island happened in real life. what about that?

  161. It was really disappointing. I mean, the whole last season was. All was going around Jacob and his brother "the black smoke", without talking about the bright light, because the island has truly a life! It is absolute nonsense!

    They tried to make the charaters forgot what happened on the island for only one reason: come back in the past and give to viewers souvenirs from the first season (definitively the best one!)

    Then what is really a pity, it's the fact they didn't answer to many questions! One of them is what is the link between the dead bodies of Locke and Jack's father, and why Charles Widmore did he really come back on the island?

    So, I'm really confused with this season.

    PS: excuse me for my mistakes but I'm french ^^.

  162. I rarely get angry about a series or how they wind it up. But LOST is a show in which I was heavily invested. I felt connected to the these people and the shoddy excuse for a finale leaves so many "blank spots" and basically turns all the mystery into an unanswered puddle of religious gooblydegook. If they are all in the waiting room of Heaven, why is Sayid with Shannon and not Nadia. Why is Claire's baby there as a damn baby (did it die as an infant), who is Jack's baby mama. They failed to answer anything and took the easy way out and ruined what is likely the best series since Trekkies hit the ground. The Finale, in fact, Seasons 5 and 6, represent a major literary cop-out. And yes, I am mad. They owed their fans so much more.

  163. Ok, I finally watched the last few episodes of lost. I live overseas, downloaded them, and finsihed watching today. I liked it, but I do feel ripped off as others do. I think the last few episodes could have been quite a bit better. Of course, the door is left completely open for a LOST movie(s) or future TV specials. I've watched every season since the beginning, watched the first two seasons live before I started recording! I wish there was one more season, or maybe 4 or 5 episodes to wrap things up better. It is still the best TV series ever though...

  164. Guys and Girls...

    Seriously now...without being condescending or arrogant, take a step back away from the screens...

    Its just a TV show...a brilliant one no less! But its not the new age Bible or the Answers to life.

    come on now and exit the cinema.... it wasnt real and the writers dont know the answers to life and are not scientists.

    Why was the mother on the island?
    Who built the statue?
    Its crap because they didnt tell us that...

    This is a prime example on what HOLYWOOD has corrupted in your minds... a SPOONFED Audience/..

    Use your imagination and stop whining about it having flaws... Go back to lord of the Rings and start asking questions like, why is Gandolf a Wizard? Where did Hobits evolve from?

    Taking a TV show this serious obviously means it made a great deal to some of you, and you really connected to the characters. But just like a failed relationship, you can ask yourself WHY WHY WHY a million times and still never know.

    Thats the mystery and beauty of Life - And Losts writers know that, and did not fill in all the blanks...

  165. I agree somewhat with the above poster..

    This is a trick HOLLYWOOD has always used to leave the audience confused.. and with this show they have targeted millions of viewers across the world.. as usual it worked.. making people think "this world's life is nothing but a question itself.. there is no god but a self created illusion.. follow the orders..etc.." believe it or not.. this show can easily take one with limited knowledge.. specially youngsters.. to become atheists and be a part of their secular society.. I personally believe this show was rewritten after its first half because the viewers exceeded much more than any other tv show.. I myself have wasted my 6 years on watching it believing it would be just another entertaining tv show which I guarantee is not and that it was manipulated with another mission and goal in mind.. as they said "Everything happens for a reason" Lost had one and was achieved successfully..

  166. what the hell is this we watched six seasons and for what for a bad lame end like this ..they just didnt knw what to do at the end so they did this..they keep making mysteries more and more and then nothing!!!
    they left alot af questions and characters behind ...

  167. i still confuse are they all die? what happened?

  168. Just finished watching the final season last night. Lost lives on even now...

  169. I'll take gregr's thoughts on the ending.

    "They made it into Sideways world when they died. Some before Jack, some years later. In Hurley's case, maybe centuries later. They exist in this sideways world until they are "awakened" and they can only move on TOGETHER because they are linked. They are destined to be together for eternity. That was their destiny"

    Granted, there's still a lot of possible unanswered questions, but I'll make my own individual answers to them.. They are public questions that are best answered privately, according to your own beliefs, IMO...

  170. Watched the whole final season @single-weekend.
    it was amazing....
    Finale just gave the message dat..."guys...show's over...gotta move on....its abt the journey..not the ending...."!!!
    best series till date !!!