Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Your Views on Lost 6x16 - What They Died For

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Your Views on Lost 6x16 - What They Died For

Ok... i haven't yet watched it!!!  Gotta run to work now! have to wait for about 9 hr to watch it! :(
So how was it?!

Update: I just watched it!!!!! OMG!!!! So many things happened all at once even before we could digest!
An awesome penultimate episode
- So Jacob made a mistake
- Jack volunteers to protect the island ("Now you're like me") :D
- Jacob mentions to Jack about the bamboo field that he first woke up.... so is the final scene of LOST the first scene of LOST?
- So Desmond is brought to the island as a measure of last resort... is Flocke gonna throw him down the 'eye of the island'? and Desmond can resist the electromagnetism?
- Desmond is busy trying to unite everyone in the alternate reality! He frees Sayeed and Kate with the help of Ana Lucia! Hurley brings in the money!
- The BIG concert! I guess this is it! This is the place all the characters of LOST will come together! Am sure in the finale the scene would be such that they would show the faces of all LOST characters - perhaps seated or something!
- All characters minus Jack will perhaps be there in the concert! Desmond makes a fake call to Jack about his father's coffin being found! So Jack wont be able to make it!
- Omg... is Mr. eyeliner dead??? Isn't he immortal? or has it worn off?
- Where the hell is Vincent????
- "Did you say there were some other people to kill?”!!!!!!  my god... what amazing direction! On one hand we are presented with Bad A** Ben is back on the island! He's ready to kill people to have the island to himself? And in the alternate reality we have one big happy family - Rousseau, Alex and Ben! :) hmmm
- Locke finally decides to get the surgery! oh gosh... what all are they gonna cover in the finale?
- Oh ... we're gonna get to know who David's mom is!

What did you guys think of What They Died For?


  1. It wasnt what i actually expected, but it was good. Still left me with alot of questions.

  2. gosh!!!!!!!!!! i was right about jacob making a mistake of letting the monster out of the centre of the island by accidentally killing his brother and that monster is maybe the soul of his dead brother which so wanted to leave the island and now jacob admitted it.
    so now the monster is going to destroy the island and jack is going to protect it no idea how its going to end but man a brilliantly told story hats off once again to the writers !!!!!

    wonderful entertainment for six years. i think i'll never watch another american drama unless its as good as lost marvellous well done all of who are involved in making it happen

  3. May i jusk ask, as a UK based lost fanatic, i am keen to watch the finale event as it is uploaded on this site, however will you be uploading the whole event (the shows before and after the finale) as this would be very much appreciated!?

    Also, brilliant episode. As expected ben is becoming the new MIB, with jack the protector!

  4. Yes well done, I wanted it to be jack but it seemed a little rushed, also Jacobs explanation was as well. But I suppose we have the benifit of the last 4 episodes to flesh it out for us viewers.

    I think it is obvious that MiB will try use desmond to enter the light at the wheel, as he seems immune to the power.

    I still dont see how the alternate time line will play into the actual time line, but it seems it will be very soon. Interesting as Desmond has a "dead" caracter with him (sayid) and possible Loche as well?

    Could it be that nothing from the Island can harm or affect desmond, thus he is the only one capable of helping/stopping smokey.

    He also has a very "Jacob" feel in the alternate time line.

  5. I totally agree with sudeshc. This season had to answer all the questions we've been through, and it has answer almost nothing. This is not enough, I expected so much more from the writters.

  6. Yes, gabriel & sudeshc are rite, still have there lot things to see, why they make to end very rush, its is only and only thing i am wafting for each and every day, since last these all years, now i don’t know if they make it end the story, what I will do??? I will get crazy, I afraid I am,
    I feel the alternate life is going to say like matrix teary, i don’t know, not sure. if Doc is able to Fix MR. Lock, MIB will not able to walk, his legs will be disable, but still a week to wait, I cont wait tat much long like they waited for 3 yrs in 1970's damn!!! Horrible!!
    I like tat dialogue miles says to Linus, " I live this island for last 30 yrs, b4 u did, other wise know s last week" what that mean, they are there only from last week, and all the happens are kid a dream or kinda……. I don’t know, still I have to wait a week, I don’t know, how,,,,,,,,,

  7. I think Jacob setup the final episode splendidly..

    He chose the candidates because they where alone before.

    And now in their alternate life they received the gift they always needed:" A life where they aren't alone, but together and surrounded by people they know and love. United in a new life. "

    And the smoke monster? That problem will just blow over..

  8. Lost addicted this is what I’ve become . . . I almost "lost" my gf because of lost. She hat lost as much as I love it, but she will be happy soon when I see “The END”

    I am not sure how the last episode (17 &/ 18) will sum up the entire story.

    Last episode of series 5 was that they are going to leave the Island and never remember a thing, as of Sydney and Los Angeles crashes never happened. But the writer made it interesting when he showed both options A: staying in the Island or B: leaving the Island and the question was always "are they happier if they leave the Island or are they better off staying in the Island?”.

    The power inside the Island heart (The golden light) is the secret. Jacob's Mother said every body wants this light because a little pit of the spirit of this light is inside each man but men always want more (she means more power). She said that people will try to take out the light from the Island heart, but if the light goes out from the Island it will go out every where else, which I assume the world will end, its like that light or power under god protection and if it ends we all end!. Where this powers come from? It came from god, what is the black smock? it’s the devil who wants to leave the Island which means destroying the light and break god roles. The black sock will never leave the Island and god will always win.

    I am happy that Jack volunteers to protect the island; He is the hero from the begging. He is the only one who will stay there because he is happier there than the real world.

    The END, Hugo, Sawyer, Kate and Desmond will leave the Island, because they will be happier in the real world (kate will get along with her love Sawyer, Desmond will live happy after with his love Pinny, Hugo find his love again Libby after he lost her in the Island and Lock will die while making the surgery because they will kill him before they leave the Island.

    What I like the most about lost is that the core question "what is that Island, is it heal is it heaven, is it where we stay after we die until we move somewhere else?" has a lost answer.

  9. Ben was promised he would rule the island after Smokey leaves, but Smokey just told him that he's gonna destroy it - will Linus realise that he is being conned, and what will he do about it? Why could he kill Jacob, but can't kill Smokey? Ben must have been a candidate too, because Smokey needed him to kill Jacob ( - the loophole?)

    Was Richard Alpert killed or not? It seems that he cannot die - this was Jacob's gift to him?

    Finally, will Desmond be able to travel back in time and stop Ben from killing Jacob? He's travelled through time before?

  10. Flat White summed up exactly what I was thinking - that Ben was just told that his deal with the MiB was over as soon as quick as it began. Though, I assume Ben is the one doing the conning here; why would he stick around if what he was promised was just taken away from him?

    Miles still has the other end of his walkie-talkie, too. I think Ben is making another play here. This is why I love that character.

  11. still so many questions to be answered within 2 hours i hope it's gonna be enough , like 4 example the numbers from Hurley's ticket and the coincidence that they were on the hatch door, i mean did Jacob have to do anything with it and if he did , how did he play with Hurley's luck and made him win with the same numbers from the hatch door ? ,, why did Jacob stop sayed to ask him and left Nadia to die ? what about Boone and his sister , what did they die for ? and Juliette ? and whats with danniel's mom how is it that she knows all this information even in the parallel world , and what about the cat that lived with the russian 1eyed man , they made us think it has to do with nadia sayeds love or with the woman he tortured ?? !!! gosh i i love lost

  12. Horrible, as this final season. Seriously guys, this is heavy bullshits that is going on TV! I absolutly ave no words, they destroyed Lost.

  13. Just good. This is it all i need

  14. i think u r ryt wtih everybody being at the concert n i bet charlie n faniel will play together there n like the widmores will come anyways n desmond will somehow get all the othere chrakters !! but my question is how does he know so well what he has to do??

  15. Just a point on Daniels Mom. In the parrelell timeline, Bens Dad took ben to the Island as originaly depicted, thus as ben was an other while the 'widmores' led the others. It is possible she still was able to learn something great from the island.

    They showed Charkes banishment from the island but never hers?

  16. I just wanna watch the final episode to see how this ends, though I don't expect anything really spectacular. So far, many big questions haven't been answered (what the hell were the Other? What was their purpose? How they all banished if they seemed so powerful? Why those Egyptian temples and statues? Why the Island can travel in time? just for mentioning some), and some others have had very disapointing answers, sometimes even based in "magic" (like Richard's eternal youth or the origin of Jacob and MIB's powers).
    They also put as main cast some really uninteresting characters that didn't add anything important to the story (Miles, Lapidus, Ilana) instead of developing some really nice characters that should have had much more protagonism in the end, like Richard (what a waste of a great character and actor), Ben Linus, even Widmore (another waste) and Bernard and Rose.
    Some important parts of the plot (like the love triangle between Jack-Kate-Sawyer) have been totally forgotten or solved in the most simple and undeveloped way (like Ben and Widmore's rivality, or Jack being Jacob's replacement).
    I think there are still so many questions to answer, that most of them just won't be answered at all, or we'll get another bunch of boring and childish solutions for conflicts and questions that seemed so amazing a couple of seasons ago.

    I hope I'm wrong, but after this last season I lost my faith in the show.

  17. richard cant die... remember kid jacob tellin smokeylocke dat he cant kill him in "the substitute" so hes definately der in d finale...

    but wht the heck did they die for...
    jacob forgot to tell dem dat..

  18. Personally, I think the light at the center of the island is where all the good that resides in the human soul goes. In with the good...out with the bad. What happens in my mind when Jacob throws his brother in is that the evil part of him is torn away from the good part. The good is absorbed into the island center and the bad is expelled back out. There isn't any good left in the smoke monster. It was all taken away by the light. Almost like a half heaven.

    That being said, now that the good portion of those who have died on the island or around it has been absorbed by the light in the center of the island, that might have something to do with the destruction of the MIB. Maybe Jacob knew that a certain combination of good souls within the light would help defeat is brothers evil incarnation.