Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Unanswered Lost Questions

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Unanswered Lost Questions

Whose gonna take a shot at this?! hehehe


  1. a dam lot of these can be answered just by watching the show

  2. fftl_22, no you can't. What you can is try to guess based on what you watched on the show, but it is never clear.

    But I can answer all this "Why?"s with one simple answer:

    Because the producers were only making things up, raising as much questions as possible, creating new mysteries and then deciding which ones would they answer and use to build the plot as they went on with the series. That's why it is so confusing, unclear, random, and contradictory.

    As long as they kept our heads full of questions and their pockets full of money, they wouldn't give a shit.

    This series' plot has more holes than a swiss cheese.
    If it's ok to make a series with so many plotholes, then what skills are necessary to be a writer? Anyone could have done what this guys did. They didn´t put any effort to make it coherent.

  3. do you have no imagination whatsoever? does every single niggley detail about everything need to be completely explained for you to enjoy it? I guess you don't like david lynch films much then. The secret to life, and to art is not to be in the know, but to be inspired by the wonderment of mystery for the imagination can create things more amazing than any reality. - Michealangelo

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  5. One thing is to have imagination to fill in some gaps of things that are not shown, but are implicit.

    Another completely different thing is to have to create part of the missing plot by yourself to be able to explain things the writers don't bother to; or to even change the existing plot so it doesn't contradict itself.

    Using Michaelangelo quotes to say that Imagination is better than Knowledge is fine by me - I also agree with that. But what produces lost episodes should be the writers' imagination not just ours (until an acceptable point).

    If so, then they could just have stopped after 1st season and let the fans imagine the rest by themselves.

    I'm not saying they should explain every tiny detail, but just the enough for it to make some sense.

  6. 1.Q: What rules were Ben and Widmore referring to? A: Jacob created some rules for his people to follow. Now, it was either Jacob that had Widmore banished but expressly forbid anyone to kill Widmore, or Richard lied to Ben and said Jacob did not want Widmore dead. Remember, Ben was the new leader of the Island, but Richard always brought what Jacob was apparently telling Richard to Ben. Once Jacob died, Ben no longer believed in obeying Jacob, and thus, had no more rule to obey anymore.

    2.Q:What is the island? A: The Island is God (or the physical manifestation of God).

    3.Q:What happens if the Island is unplugged and the light is out too long? A: The same thing that would happen if the button was unpushed for too long. Everyone would die. You can't make God cease to exist, but you can destroy His manifestation, and, in Lost, destroying the manifestation would kill everyone, either by the Island ceasing to exist killing everyone, or the Smoke Monster killing everyone. The latter would create logical problems, so I would think that the Island being destroyed would kill everyone.

    4.Q:Why do pregnant women have problems on the Island? A: The after effects of the Hydrogen Bomb were so strong, that the babies would not be able to survive, and the way they die is also very dangerous to the pregnant mother.

    5.Q:What is the flash sideways world? A: The flash sideways world is a a place, according to Lost, that everyone goes to when they die. They have to live a similar life and let go of the things that they could not let go of in their previous life. They also must help other people that were part of their life let go of things. Those that do everything they can have finally let go, and thus are able to move on. The flash sideways happens at the same time that the previous life happens, but the people in the flash sideways have already lived in the previous life, even though the sideways world and the regular world are happening parallel each other.

    6.Q:Did Jughead have any affect on the flash sideways? A: No. Juliet saw a glimpse of the flash sideways world, and thought it worked, because the flash sideways world is a world where the plane did not land on the Island.

    7.Q: What did Jughead do? A: Jughead created the Incident. The energy was contained, but only to the point where it had to keep being discharged since it kept getting built up. Jughead also sent our main characters to the time that there supposed to be in: 2007.

    8.Q: What is the Smoke Monster? A: The Smoke Monster was formerly a human, Jacob's brother. When Jacob's brother was pushed into the light, the evil inside him created his new form, a manifestation of his true nature. He left his old body, and his new body was now a pillar of smoke. This smoke, or darkness, represented who he really was. The Smoker Monster wasn't trapped and waiting to be released. The Smoke Monster is a human in a new form. More than one smoke monster can exist, for anyone going into the light with darkness inside will manifest them into their true form of darkness.

  7. 9.Q: What are the rules that allow people to live potentially forever? A: The protector of the Island can naturally live forever because of their intimate connection with the Source. They can't be killed directly by anyone else who also can naturally live forever because of the Source. Only those without the intimate connection to the Source can kill those with the intimate connection to the Source. The protector of the Island can make other people naturally live forever by touching them and blessing them with their minds, but only until the protector of the Island selects someone that that they have blessed, therefore, being a candidate, to replace him. Once the candidate is chosen, all other people who could live forever naturally no longer can (this explains Richard having a grey hair). They can only live forever when the Island is plugged with the Source. When the source is unplugged, it makes everyone lose their intimate connection to the Source that was giving them this natural eternal life. This explains why Jack was now able to be killed, and the same with the Smoke Monster, for, the Smoke Monster, though evil, was also intimately connected to the Source and could only be invincible and immortal so long as the Source was plugged in. Jack still died because any injuries gained when the Source is unplugged must take their natural course even after the Source is plugged back in.

    10.Q: Why was the Smoke Monster trapped on the Island, and did the Smoke Monster need to destroy the Island to leave it? A: No. The Smoke Monster wanted to leave the Island. As we saw, destroying the Island kills everyone. The Smoke Monster was trapped on the Island because so long as the Source is plugged in, the people who naturally live forever are what is allowing for the Island to be able to contain the Smoke Monster to the Island. If all the people who could naturally live forever other than the Smoke Monster were to have died, then the barriers of Light that they were manifesting on the Island would disappear, and there would be no light to keep the Smoke Monster contained. All the Smoke Monster had to do was kill all the candidates and protectors of the Island. Only then could the Smoke Monster leave.

    11.Q: Was the flash sideways world heaven? A: No. The flash sideways world was a second life. It is to be assumed that you have to keep living lives (keep living in a new flash sideways world) until you are able to let go.

    12.Q: Was the regular world a flash sideways world too? A: No. The reason is, if it was, they would have remembered the earlier lives they had lived, but they had only remembered the one previous life. They would not have been able to "move on" if there was a previous life before the original timeline life, because they did not remember that previous life, and therefore, would not have let go of certain things they still needed to let go. You need to let go of all things in order to go to heaven, according to Lost. Everyone that was in the church at the final scene of Lost was able to move on because they had let go, and thus, they could finally go to heaven.

    13.Q: Why did Ms. Hawking object to Desmond giving awakenings to the people? A: Ms. Hawking was not ready to leave behind her life yet. She had already had an awakening, but did not want to move on yet.

    14Q: Whose skeleton was near the Source? A: Not intended to be answered by the writers of the show. It was someone probably who was trying to destroy the Light before, but died, or to put the Source in, either back in, or for the first time.

    15Q: What was the plane wreckage in the finale ending credits? A: They don't mean anything, it has been officially dismissed; it was the production of ABC, not the makers of Lost.

    16Q: Why didn't we see Walt, Michael, Eko, or Ana Lucia in the Church? A: Because they weren't ready to move on.

  8. 17Q: Was Jack's son, David, imaginary? A: No (or at least, I would like to think not). In the original timeline, David was probably the son of someone else. Possibly the former son of Juliet, or someone related to Jack Shephard (perhaps a nephew).

    18Q: Desmond was crazy for running over John Locke with a car. A: While it was still pretty crazy of Desmond to do that, it wasn't as crazy as it seems, since Desmond knew that this secondary life was not important. All that was important was letting go and moving on.

    19Q: Why did the Smoke Monster want to go home and why did the Smoke Monster want to destroy the Island? A: Because that's where he belonged. He did not belong to the Island, but Across the Sea. He wanted to see where he truly came from was and what it was like. The Island was a continual reminder of the life that had been wasted for him. The deception he had suffered and the pain. He wanted to be free from that. This was why he wanted to leave, and ultimately why he elected to destroying the Island, in the hopes that destroying the Island would make it impossible for him to return to this place that he absolutely hated.

    20Q: What happens to the evil people, like Keamy, in the flash side ways world? Do they get to go to heaven. A: Not yet, according to Lost. Lost seems to teach a universal salvation (i am against universal salvation, but simply explaining here what Lost was saying). So, according to Lost, those evil people have to live another side ways world, and they have to keep doing this until they finally let go, and then they can go to heaven too.

    21Q: Was Christian dead? A: It would seem like this could not be the case. In this timeline, it must have been that Christian had not died, but remembered the other world, and thus, staged his death, in order to help his son remember and to let go. His body was never in the coffin to begin with.

    22Q: Where did the Others come from? A: They were brought to the Island by Jacob.

    23Q: Where did the Dharma Initiative come from? A: They found the Island by chance. They were probably not brought to the Island by Jacob.

    24Q: Why were the Dharma Initiative murdered? A: Richard probably wanted them dead and pretended Jacob wanted them dead, or they had almost found the Source, and thus, had to be eliminated so that more Smoke Monsters could not be created. The Other's were Jacob's people, and the Dharma Initiative was not getting along with the Other's. It had probably escalated to the point that the Dharma Initiative was getting ready also to soon kill all the Others.

    25Q: What is Lost about? A: Lost is about humanity. The struggle between good and evil in every person, and the journey of growing, and learning who we really are, and what life is all about. A similar philosophical question is often asked: "What is the meaning of life". "What is the meaning of Lost" has the same answer: Love.

  9. not all questions can be answered by lost, thats the fun part of it. You have to use your imagination and fill the void by your self.

  10. 19Q: Why did the Smoke Monster want to go home and why did the Smoke Monster want to destroy the Island? A: Because that's where he belonged. He did not belong to the Island, but Across the Sea. He wanted to see where he truly came from was and what it was like. The Island was a continual reminder of the life that had been wasted for him. The deception he had suffered and the pain. He wanted to be free from that. This was why he wanted to leave, and ultimately why he elected to destroying the Island, in the hopes that destroying the Island would make it impossible for him to return to this place that he absolutely hated.

    Thats the only part that makes sense. In short Lost was well cooked up "bullshit".

  11. First of all, let me just say how impressed I am with whoever put that video together. did you watch the whole flipping series all over again since thursday just to make that video? or is your knowledge that in-depth naturally? Either way, hilarious, intelligent, funny, a little harsh with some questions but as 'james' said it is true although we can work those obvious ones out, it was never expressly made clear.

    anayah, you are like a goddess of lost.

    sorry, i'm talking so much because i feel emotional about it being the end and all. I think it was fantastic, i think having to draw all this magic in your head together and work it all out is amazing and after seeing this video I now realise


    anybody out there feel me??

  12. Are u stupid or something?! i kno all the answers for them! if u'd watch this shou CAREFULLY u would kno too! u dumbass -.-

    n the stupidest question was ''what was the black smoke'' i think we all know its jacobs brother who got into a ''light'' where he became the smoke. and the other dombest question was ''why did the smoke wanna go off the island'' (stupid -.-) ofcourse because he doesent belong to the island he belongs across the sea. the answers for those 2 questions is in the episode of jacobs and hes brothers life befpre! dumb dumb dumb dumb -.- well actually dumber that dumb!

  13. I haven't read all the comments, but I laughed my ass off watching "Unanswered Lost Questions"!
    You're so right. I didn't even realize that so many questions were unanswered but I surely have even more my self.

    I was sooo addicted to lost the first 3 years - and yes it is indeed good entertainment - but seriously, the writers could impossibly have known where the hell they were going with the story - it became a complete mess. I could have been without the whole Whidmore thing - I still dont realize WTF that was all about??? 3 seasons man..

  14. This is very true......Fools ate the people who really can't understand this......The Best Qstion Is Why others Needed Walt So badly??? And I 2 hv so many qstions my self.......Ending was a Bullshit..........

  15. And answere these qstions 4 me Is Jack a smoke monster in the end???? Why were there so many skeletens in the cave were they privious smoke monsters.......This is only from the last episode, If any 1 need, I'll raise thousands of them, Inorder to create a gr8 series the writer must have a clear Idea how the story is ending, I was addicted first, But its not worth to do so,,,,,,,,,LOLxxxxx

  16. funny video... you never get to learn the name of Jacobs brother which is bs

  17. I think David was the projection of Jack feeling about his own father. Or maybe his father himself.

  18. Clearly, Lost became a little too "smart" for some people. God forbid the watchers will have to twist their brain a little and think!

    It's all answered in the show and they did a great job making it all fit. Genious writers.

  19. I loved the Lost series. I have never missed an episode. however, i feel the ending was rediculous. figures a liberal program would encourage universal salvation if we all just "let go". wouldn't it be great if that's all we had to do? moreover, the title of the program says it all. for those that think we just have to "let go" to go to Heaven and don't come to Jesus, you're still LOST!!!

  20. i live in greece and i really loved "lost"!!
    i watched the series on dvd and spent hours infront of my tv.
    i speak english and the greek subtitles helped me to understand the plot....i had so many questions that i expected to have my answers in the final season 6..i was wrong..i am more confused than before...i loved the cast and i hope that someday i will be in this island with jack and Sawyer..

  21. wow appreciate you guys trying to answer these question.

    more questions:
    why did that woman kill jacob's mother?

    was it so bad that jacobs brother wanted to see the world from which he came?

    the island was protected by people who had killed others all in the name of protecting the light, does it make the island(for those who say the island is God) good?

    when did jack die, if he was already dead by the time he went to sydney? we are looking at 3 differnt life times; life before the crash, life after the first crash and life without the crash.

    jacob's foster mother told him not to ever go in the light, how comes nothing happened to jack when he went there(why didnt he turn into the white smoke)?

    when the group finally met in the church to MOVE ON what were they living, an intermediate life...i mean since they were already dead?!

    if they were already dead in season 6, why did jack need to come back to the island?

    i loved lost until the last episode of season 6 which shows me that the whole season was a gumble. it is like it was a race to finish the series so the writers trying to force an end.

    i since the whole series was base on mystry, the 17 episodes of SN6 were not enough to make sense hence in an effort to make sense rapidly, loopholes were created.

    i truely think the writer bit off more than he could chew especially in the last episode of SN6. i would rather have had lost end on SN5 and we imagine our ending.

    finally. where were they moving on to?

  22. ALL these were answered in the show, most people didnt pay attention.