Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Lost 6x15 Across the Sea Promos

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lost 6x15 Across the Sea Promos

Here's one more

Woaaah... Who are these women now?! Is the pregnant one Jacob's and MIB's Mom?


  1. I just want to know the outcome of it all i want to know what you all think who will be the next Jacob?

  2. Is Aaron even a canidate?

  3. We have seen the island at the bottom of the sea.

    There is no next Jacob.

  4. I think producers will surprise us. That's why I think the one who will replace Jacob will not be one of the candidates... So many candidates have already died. They are almost supposed to die...
    I have to say that Mushi Loola said is quite interesting. Maybe False Lock has succeed and he has leaved the island with the plane. And all the "flashforwards" of the season 6 are in fact what happend after False-Lock leave the Island. Maybe He can't remember who he's really is. When He'll remember -> End of the world. Or... Desmond will succeed helping everybody to remember theyre life on the island and...they'll take again a plane to get back to this Island with lock, to get him trapped again...

  5. The next Jacob is Desmond. He spoke to Sayid in the same way as Jacob spoke when he was in the bottom of the well.