Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Getting 'Lostalgic'

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting 'Lostalgic'

As we countdown to the television event of the decade, am sure all of us are getting 'LOSTalgic'! If you guys have fan-made videos or if you would like to pay a tribute by making a video or if you guys have a favorite video, I'd love to put it up here!
Let's have a compilation of some of the best LOST videos!
Here are a few

Please leave a link below to that video in the comment section and i'll embed it here.

Hail LOST!!!

Submitted by swordphoen


  1. I didn't make this video, but it's a FanMade Promo for the Finale which is absolutely breathtaking.

    I will miss the series... :(


  2. Sawyer complication is a so funny. Great work. I highly appreciate that!