Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Guys... Lost 6x14 will air next week in the US... So no download links!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guys... Lost 6x14 will air next week in the US... So no download links!

Just a quick update as most of you guys must be wondering as to why the download links are not up... there was no LOST 6x14 episode last night in the US. There was a special screening of Episode 9: Ab Aeterno.  So LOST 6x14 The Candidate will air next Tuesday in the US :)


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  2. damn!!!!

    I was SOOOOOOO expecting this!!!!

    Something different in this special screening of episode 9???

  3. Can I ask? Ive seen the "normal" episode. If this is the "special" screening, what have I missed? Just a 2 minute deleted scene? Or really a few special revelations?

  4. so , now the premiere will be moved for may 25 ?

  5. Thanks for the info. I have been going bananas trying to find a link for the S06E14 as I am outside of the US territory and I didn't think of looking at the ABC website for any special notes.

    Meanwhile there is an a-hole cashing in on fake download links of S06E14 with a rar file asking to go to YayMovies.com to get a password and, you know how it works .....

    I, too, am wondering what was so special about that screening of episode 9 since, ihmo, was a waste of episode to dedicate it entirely just to show how Ricardo (Richard) got his zombie status.

  6. oh the twists and turns!!! i love it.
    so what is the deal with the special re-screening? is it worth watching?

  7. Here's a sneak peek from 6x14
    : )


  8. The End was finished last night. It's really over.