Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Lost' Q&A with Damon Lindelof

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost' Q&A with Damon Lindelof

Source:USA Today

The countdown to Lost's final season is underway.

Are you excited? Depressed? Terrified of what awaits our beloved castaways after that insane Season 5 finale?

Last week you sent me loads of questions for executive producer Damon Lindelof, and he was happy to answer them when we met up at the Austin Film Festival. Read on for Lindelof's thoughts on the last episode, returning characters, "the numbers" and so much more.

Me: At what point are you in creating the final episodes?

Lindelof: We're actually writing the eighth episode right now and breaking the story for the ninth episode. We're filming the sixth episode. The blueprint for the entire season is done, but we only write the episodes one at a time, because the actual genesis of the scene-by-scene work is the fun part. So we're almost exactly halfway through.

There's been so much analysis of the this year's promotional poster. Do you have a big part in creating that?

Yeah. Everything in the design of that poster is intentional. We oversaw it -- now we know the audience looks at that stuff so closely, so we don't want there to be anything that we don't approve, especially at this point in the game.

Why is neither Walt nor Vincent in the Season 6 promo picture? -- Holly

Well, I'm not going to explain why anything is what it is, other than that everything is by design. You'll just have to watch the final season and decide for yourself. It's a little bit like, "Why is Paul McCartney holding a cigarette with his right hand when he's a lefty on the Abbey Road cover?"

Is the ending you envisioned when you first created the show still in place? -- adanzis

That's a great question. Yes, the actual ending ending is exactly the same as we'd always planned on it being, except we didn't know if we were going to get there after two seasons, four seasons or after six seasons, so the road to the ending has had to change significantly. But the ending itself? Whether people like it or not, that's the ending we've had.

Will Walt will have any major role in the upcoming season? He was important for a while because of his "gift," but that story has never been realized. -- mrhymes01

I think a lot of people are justifiably frustrated about the Walt of it all. We said he has this special ability, and the Others obviously grabbed him and studied him for awhile, then they got freaked out by him and decided to let him go.

I think that there are certain stories on the show that feel like dangling participles based on external factors. For us, we were incredibly limited by the fact that Malcolm David Kelley was growing at an exponentially faster rate than the show was progressing. So, you know, when we showed him in Season 5 and Locke is trying to recruit members of the Oceanic Six, the only way that it worked was to see him three years older. But hopefully, why Walt was special and the role he played on the show will have a new significance when all is said and done. And I'm not sure we really need the character of Walt to explain the significance.

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  1. I love the show, and I have since the first day. I will accept and enjoy whatever path this six year journey leads with great appreciation.
    I just need to know two things will be solved.
    #1.Why there was a late-model washer and dryer in the hatch? There had to be a reason why an obviously new set was chosen over an older set.
    #2.The origin of the pallet drop? possibly the packaging is from Hugo's box company?

  2. i think from day one the draw to the show has been the creators constant reiteration that everything that happens within lost can be explained by science. its definitely kept me creating theories, and reading up on my physics in order to further appreciate the depth of the show. unfortunately, this season has left me rather duped. prior to this season, i could credit the abnormal and absurd things to string theory, time travel, to ultra outlandish yet mathematically possible physics... yet the concepts playing major rolls in season six are absolutely solitaire of any kind of actual math or physical possibilities, even in the most fanciful scenerios. its body possession, ability to see the dead, and pure "evil" possession fueling the synopsis of season six as of yet and its very frustrating. i hope that this fanciful mess gets dealt with and that we are given the plausible show that we have been promised the past six years.