Lost Season 6 - The Final Season: Four Toed Statue's identity officially revealed

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Four Toed Statue's identity officially revealed

Lost revealed the identity of the four toed statue in its Lost Episode recap of the season finale, 'The Incident'.
Here's a part of the recap...

www.lostseason6.comIn an unknown room, we see a man dressed in white at a spinning wheel creating a tapestry with an intricate design containing Egyptian and Greek symbols. We cut to the man sitting on the beach cooking fish over a fire. It's morning, and on the horizon, out over the ocean, a large ship is sailing towards the island. Another man, this one dressed in black, walks over to the Man in White. The Man in Black asks why the Man in White brought the ship to the island -- is he still trying to prove the Man in Black wrong? The Man in Black says they come, fight, destroy, corrupt, and it always ends the same. The Man in White tells him it only ends once, and everything else is just... progress. The Man in Black says he wants to kill the Man in White, and one day he's going to find a loophole. The Man in White says he'll be right there. The Man in Black leaves and addresses the Man in White as Jacob. Yes, this is Jacob.

The camera pulls back over the ocean, and we see they were sitting on the base of a giant stone foot. And next to the foot is another foot -- and both feet have four toes. And as the camera pulls back, we see what we've been waiting to see since we first glimpsed that four-toed foot over three years ago... the towering, majestic statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret. And we clearly know we're a long time ago, so let's get the finale of season five started --

Source: ABC.com

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  1. It's not Taweret! It's Sobek. Just look at the ankh in his right hand and check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sobek

  2. Hey! I'm French, so forget my poor english
    I'm interested in Egyptology, and the loincloth the statue is wearing is a MAN cloth! and the general appereance of the statue makes me think this is a man.
    Roth thinks it could be Sobek because of the Ankh, but I disagree, because in Ancient Egypt most of the Gods had one of those, it represented Life, and by extension Immortality.
    But, this must be Taweret, because of the crawn of the statue, which is typically Taweret's. The head is a crocodile, just as Taweret. Her body should be a hippopotamus, but it could be her anthropomorphic form.
    The doubled ankh is quite strange, because Taweret is supposed to rely upon one ankh...
    Other strange detail: the statue is wearing Roman sandals or may be Greeks...
    The important question is why is there an Egypto-Romano/Greek-statue on an island where only few went? Even if Jacob brought people in since Egypt times, why would they have built it?
    Can't wait to know!