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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost Season 6 Episode List

Episode 1: LAX
Episode 2: LAX (2)
Episode 3: What Kate Does
Episode 4: The Substitute
Episode 5: Lighthouse
Episode 6: Sundown
Episode 7: Dr. Linus
Episode 8: Recon
Episode 9: Ab Aeterno
Episode 10: The Package
Episode 11: Happily Ever After
Episode 12: Everybody Loves Hugo

Lost Season 6 Spoilers

From the Lost Events at Comic-Con

• Season six of Lost will be reminiscent of season one in that there will be a lot of running through the jungle and emotional development for the characters.

• The marketing graphic for Lost season six included all our favorite characters (heralding the return of many of them) but the important thing is that the last character added to the animation was Locke, and he was very obviously facing backward, while all the other characters were facing forward. Ahhh, Unlocke!

• According to Carlton the time-travel season is over and the flash-forward season is over and they're moving on to something altogether different for season six.

• According to Josh Holloway in the press room, Sawyer will be destroyed by the tragedy of Juliet, pushing him back towards his original, more "salty" character. He'll still carry around season' five's character growth, but he'll be rejecting it. He also told us (and forgive the gross paraphrase-on-the-run): Functional relationships (Suliet) don't make for good drama. Skate is better TV.


• The extensive backstory of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) will be explored in season six.

• Dominic Monaghan was introduced to the crowd following an In Memoriam montage of all the dead characters (in which it was revealed that Libby's last name is Smith). We can assume a return for Charlie is all but guaranteed.

• As we learned earlier this summer, Elizabeth Mitchell will appear on Lost in season six. According to Damon, her survival is contigent upon Jack's plan working.

• Jeremy Davies will appear as Daniel Faraday in Lost season six.


• According to a clip from America's Most Wanted, Kate Austen did not in fact kill her stepfather in an explosion, but she killed his employee, a plumber's assistant, instead. Have we wandered into alternate-timeline territory? And could that timeline possibly start before the crash of Oceanic 815? Two other videos that hinted at an alternate timeline were Mr. Cluck's (starring CEO Hugo Reyes) and an Oceanic Airlines commercial that said they've never had a crash...

• Another nod to alternate timelines was a funny fake video clip of Michael Emerson auditioning to play Hurley in 2004 wearing a bandana and cargo shorts.


Carlton Cuse said right out loud that J.J. Abrams has not actively worked on Lost since season one. J.J. Abrams has always been pretty open about that, but it's so rarely said out loud and most middle-of-the-road fans are always cranking, "Damn J.J. Abrams for screwing up Lost," and it's nice to see those people proven wrong, darn it.

Source: E! Online

'Lost': Charlie mystery solved!

www.lostseason6.comOne confusing and rather cryptic promo from ABC got viewers into thinking that Charlie Pace is brought back to life on "Lost". However, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello claimed that he has solved the 'mystery', being informed by the network that Dominic Monaghan was only there for another hour-long series.

On June 5, ABC released a promo video of its Fall line-up, featuring Patrick Dempsey to represent "Grey's Anatomy", Courteney Cox for "Cougar Town" and Ed O'Neill for "Modern Family". But one big question was thrown as to why Dominic Monaghan, whose character on "Lost" was dead in the third season, was there.

Shortly after Monaghan's publicist said, "He may or may not be returning to Lost. Viewers will just have to stay tuned." A network insider meanwhile, said, "There's obviously a lot of ABC talent in the promo. It doesn't necessarily mean that Dominic is returning to Lost."

Ausiello has been sworn to secrecy not to spill on what new show is starring Monaghan. He claimed that the Alphabet wants it to be a "surprise".

Source: Aceshowbiz

And here's the update from Ausiello
"How very sneaky of you, ABC.

I just found out why Dominic Monaghan is appearing in ABC's new promo campaign, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Charlie being resurrected on Lost next season. But that's exactly what the network wants folks to think. Why? Because they're trying to keep under wraps the real reason he was playing table soccer with Patrick Dempsey, Courteney Cox, and Ed O'Neill in that clip.

This is the part where I warn you of an incoming spoiler and give you one last chance to bail before continuing on...

Okay, here it goes: The real reason Monaghan is featured in that cheeky spot is because he's actually joining the cast of another hour-long ABC drama series as a full-time series regular. And the net's brass want it to be a surprise.

A big surprise.

As a result, they've kindly asked me not to ID the show he'll be joining. And, being the understanding and cooperative creature that I am, I very reluctantly obliged.

The fact is, assuming it doesn't leak elsewhere, it will be a neat surprise.

But don't let that stop you from posting your theories in the comments section. Which ABC show do you think Monaghan is joining full time? And what character do you think he'll be playing? Speculate away!"

Source: The Ausiello Files

Emilie de Ravin will return as a full-time series regular for lost series 6

www.lostseason6.comQuestion: I miss Claire on Lost. Emilie de Ravin is such a great actress. Will she be back for all of next season? --Kelly
Ausiello: Yes! After sitting out last season, de Ravin will return as a full-time series regular for Lost's sixth and final season, Team Darlton confirms. "Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show," says Carlton Cuse, "and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return." And even more exciting that that? Experiencing Doc Jensen's theory on how she'll return. Take it away, DJ:

"Any scenario that brings Claire back to Lost must address the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance at the end of Season 4, in which many of us were led to believe that she was as dead -- or rather, undead -- as the Ghost Christian that's been haunting The Island since Season 1. So here's one thought: Juliet changed time in the season finale by detonating Jughead, and Season 6 will tell the story of the new timeline, one in which Claire is alive. Another thought: In light of the revelation that John Locke was actually a supernatural impostor for half of Season 5, perhaps in Season 6, we'll get a storyline in which Claire just emerges out of the jungle, with no memory of what happened to her -- just like Season 1 -- and we and the castaways will be left to wonder: Is this the real Claire or another impostor infiltrating them a la Locke? Heck, maybe that's going to be major idea of next season: Who's really alive and who's really (un)dead? It really will be the fabled! zombie season of Lost!" Thanks a million, Doc!

Source: EW

1) Lindelof confirmed that they approached Cynthia Watros several times to resolve Libby's story and she said no
2) They had a FOUR season story arc for Eko and AAA said he did not want to live in Hawaii
Source: Comic on Comics

  • The smoke monster will not be explained until the end of the series. - Lost Podcast
  • Juliet will definitely appear on in season 6.

Elizabeth Mitchell Will Not be Series Regular in Season 6

Lost Season 6 SpoilerUpdate:
And now for some news that should surprise no one: ABC is expected to announce tomorrow that it has picked up a reboot of the camptastic '80s thriller V and that Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell is a full-time castmember.
Translation: She will not be returning to Lost as a series regular.

However, before you go declaring Juliet DOA from last week's detonated hydrogen bomb, I should point out that this piece of scoop comes with a big but attached: Mitchell's Lost days are not done. Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it's entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way. (Check out Doc Jensen's column this Wednesday for a comprehensive Juliet theorypalooza.)

What do you think happened to Juliet? And are you as bummed as I am that we'll be seeing less of her next season? Sound off below!
Source: Ausiellofiles

  • "Claire is a wonderful part of the show and the audience can rest assured that they will see (her) again on Lost," Cuse said.
  • "Season six will feel a lot like season one," Lindelof teased. "The focus comes back to the characters with whom we began. We've been winnowing away everyone else who came along. The Tailies are gone, only Miles is left of the Freighter Folk and only Juliet is left of The Others. We're getting down to the end now."
  • Regarding Ben's return, Michael Emerson who plays the character said that Ben's work is not done in the season finale but he is also still crossing fingers for it because nothing is set in stone in "Lost".
Source: AceShowbiz

From the Chicago Tribune
Obviously the big Season 5 question is, why do they have to go back to the island? Why is it so important that they go and why do they all have to go? In some ways, is that the story of this season?

Lindelof: The why of it all is always the hardest mystery to deal with on the show. If you were to say, “Locke tells them, ‘Hey, this is all happening for a reason,’" and then you’d say, "Well, what is that reason? Why were all those people on that plane?" Obviously that stuff is coming downstream. Probably much of it will be hinted at in Season 5, but why these people, why this time, why this place, why that plane? It’s Season 6 territory.

In terms of the very specific rules of -- in order to get back to the island, why do they need to bring back as many people who left the island as possible?

There will be some further explanation of that stuff sooner rather than later from a source outside our characters speculating.

We’re told that bad things happen once the Oceanic 6 left the island. When will you get into that? Is that also Season 6 territory?

Cuse: Part of it unfolds this season, part of it unfolds next season. But obviously the fact that the island was moved by Ben sets in motion a chain of events, and that chain of events has very dramatic consequences. That’s really a very important question for the people who were left behind on the island -- what the hell is going on here and what are the consequences of the island being moved. What does it mean for us?

We were talking before about keeping the show on a character level, that’s really what it comes down to. Yeah, [a particular thing is happening this season; see note below], but what are the consequences of that for them in terms of their survival, in terms of their relationships, in terms of whatever their ultimate destiny with the island is? Those are the pertinent questions.

[Note: Part of this paragraph has been taken out; it referred to a plot point in the season premiere. The entire text of the paragraph will be posted after the Season 5 premiere airs.]

Ben says something in the Season 4 finale about not being able to return to the island once he’s moved it. Is there also a catch for the Oceanic 6, in that they won’t be able to go back to the regular world if they go to the island? They’ll have to stay there?

Lindelof: That’s certainly a question that we should be asking. When Ben says that whoever turns the wheel is never allowed to return to the island, is that a rule or is it a law? Those are two entirely different things. One would basically say, it would be impossible for him to get back to the island, no matter how hard he tried. The other would say that he could get back to the island, but if he did, he would be punished for it. So that’s going to unfold over the course of the season, based on whether or not Ben is successful in getting back himself.

Speaking of that, how much of Season 6 is mapped out? I’m assuming it’s not set in stone, but are all the pieces laid out?

Lindelof: I think we have all these puzzle pieces for Season 5 and Season 6, and they’re two separate puzzles because they’re two different seasons. But all the pieces were mixed together. It’s sometimes time-consuming to take a piece and say, “Which season does this fit in better?” And some stuff is definitely in Season 6 because it’s end-of-show stuff.

We have to walk that line between giving the audience enough information so that they don’t get confused, and put off, and giving them too much information, so they’re not like, “Well, you gave me everything I care about in Season 5. So why watch Season 6?”

One thing we all decided was, the biggest mistake we could make in Season 5 would be to hold back or slow down or go back to a stalling modality. We’ve basically been feeding the audience crystal meth for a year, to cut them off cold turkey and give them a pack of chewing gum and say, “We’ll give you more crystal meth in Season 6,” would have been a disaster. When you piss off a junkie, they will do almost anything to get their drug. (lolz lost junkies!)

  • Daniel Faraday is, in fact, dead, despite the somewhat ambiguous ending to Wednesday's episode, "The Variable," and that actor Jeremy Davies is no longer a member of the show's full-time cast.
Source: TV Guide


  1. from full time lost watcher:
    im tired of everyone trying to figure out what the 70's castaways changed when they detonated the bomb. THEY ALREADY DID IT! dont you guys see that all of that stuff already happened. that, them detonating the bomb was the accident and all this stuff already happened. i mean, even miles said this in the season finale! i could be wrong but come one!
    just think about it.... and watch it again :)

  2. Please, if someone knows where i can find a spoiler of the season six of Lost, please tell me, it would be very nice. Thanks

  3. Please, if someone knows where i can find a spoiler of the season six of Lost, please tell me where, it would be very nice, i'm so addicted to this serie. Thanks.

  4. I have high expectations for the final season...hopefully they wont waste the entire season with emphasis on time jumping. I sense some important characters becoming deceased in this season.

  5. So...who is the mysterious man in black sitting next to Jacob in the final episode of season 5? I believe that he is Jacob's boss and the missing link between ben and whatever his name is trying to find the island. I know that there will be a relationship between him and ben....Possibly a spy. That could also be how he refinds the island in the first place.

  6. that guy who was sitting next to jacob is the new locke imo because jacob says you've found your loophole to locke, and that dude said that one day he would find a loophole and kill jacob. im guessing that he can't do it, and he can't control someone to do it, but he can get someone else who truly wants to kill jacob to kill him

  7. Lost is the only show i would ever even think about discussing lol this in depth but I think that there is a direct link between Jacob and the other guy (john barnes) and there is a constant power surge back and forth. Jacob believing good in people and the other guy obsessed with bringing out the bad in people and when john barnes got ben to kill him that reprented the bad in people and proved to jacob that people are flawed even if jacob didnt ave much time to soak it up.

  8. Lost is the only show i would ever even think about discussing lol this in depth but I think that there is a direct link between Jacob and the other guy (john barnes) and there is a constant power surge back and forth. Jacob believing good in people and the other guy obsessed with bringing out the bad in people and when john barnes got ben to kill him that reprented the bad in people and proved to jacob that people are flawed even if jacob didnt ave much time to soak it up.

  9. charlie is confirmed to come back for 3 episodes! i'm so happy, his character is awesome. also, i think that the replacement for flashbacks/forwards/time jumping will be alternate realities with the characters. i can't wait for season 6 :D

  10. thr man next to jacob is the smoke monster and he can go into dead bodies that are not buried for example jacks dad, alex(bens daughter) and locke etc. he cant kill ben so he gets a loophole aka locke but dont no wats gonna happen next

  11. were do i see the trailer with the 'EYE' for season 6.

  12. I can't wait for it to be over!! So much of my life has been wasted on wondering what the hell is going on!!!!!!!

  13. I think that the smoke monster is the mn in black with jacob on the beach. I also think that the smoke monster can change into anyone who is dead that is on the island, such as locke, alex, also in season four there was a scene in which locke talks to the dharma intiative boss, the guy with the long hair.

  14. THANK GOD Juliet is not going to be a regular.
    It's hard to describe my hate for her in words.
    Also, I am SO intrigued by this alternate timeline idea! Season 6 sounds like it's gonna be awesome!
    SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  15. I agree i think the guy in black who was talking with jacob on the beach has been using the bodys of dead people e.g jacks dad and he could have something to do with the smoke monster.I also think Richard Alpert was maybe the captain of the Black Rock ship that Jacob apparently brought to the island.I am dying to no what is inside the temple aswell as they av been underneath but not actually into the temple.

  16. I got the answer for all you nerds. thay are in a mental home and it all in there heads

  17. in response to c: If the incident was the accident, why did Dan Farrady explain that if he didn't intervene in "The Variable" that there would be a button used to contain the energy and that someday Desmond would fail to press it and cause the flight 815 crash. And if it was everything all over again why would they name the Season 6 premiere LAX (The destination for their plane out of Australia in 2004)

    in response to nathan: their will be more characters in the 6th season... people that were in previous seasons that "died" will be alive because they would have never landed on the island... I believe that the man sitting next to Jacob in the beginning of "The Incident Part 1" is named Esau, in reference to the Old Testament in the Bible where Jacob is Esau's younger brother and stole his father's blessing and became much more fruitful than Esau, hence Israel today.

    In response to appu and sparky: The guy sitting next to Jacob (I'll call him Esau, just from my own speculation) is the possessor or the being of the smoke that masks itself as different individuals. And when the figure that resembled John Locke and Ben Linus killed Jacob (When Jacob told him that it looked like he had found his loophole. "The Incident Part 2") that wasn't the end, but the progress that Jacob had referenced to in "The Incident Part 1", "... everything before is just progress." Because when Juliet detonated the H Bomb it reset things and changed whatever had been happening, and Jacob's existance was never permanently terminated.

    in response to oceanic6survivor: whatever happened before the hydrogen bomb's detonating in "The Incident Part 2" was the progress that Jacob referenced to in "The Incident Part 1" and I speculate that what happens in season 6 will show the ultimate outcome of what the progress was getting to.

    in response to impee27: I agree with what you say about the smoke being in the form of other people's bodies, but not the actually possession of an individuals body, because of Elana and the "good guys" that showed John Locke's actual body that was still dead even though "John Locke" which was possessed by the smoke ["Esau's" being] (The Incident Part 2)

    I believe that in this upcoming season we will find out about the whole purpose of the Black rock and richard alpert, and we will find out what the whole conflict that is "bigger than eveyone" is all about, and why Ana Lucia told Hurley that he wasn't crazy in the beginning of Season 5 and why Hurley was seeing dead people... And of course the conflict between Jacob and Esau being resolved. Looking forward to this season! It's going to be very sentimental, with it being the last one for all of us avid LOSTees. This has been quite the journey and now we're on the final stretch starting FEB. 2nd! Just 29 Day's and 23 hours!

  18. A friend of mine and I also believe that Jacob's rival is the smoke monster. We believe that he is in charge of protecting Jacob, but for some reason he wants Jacob dead. Since he can't kill Jacob himself, he uses Locke. Also, Danielle mentions in the season finale of season 1 that the smoke monster is the security system protecting the Island. Because of that, we believe that Jacob might be the Island personified.

  19. @q52elks : I think ur theories make a lot of sense.... n its def sad tht lost will b over after season 6 :(

  20. Why do people think Juliet is Dead in first place, or she will survive. There is no doubt if Hydrogen Bomb exploded everyone including people outside the well will die along. So why this question what happened to her? there is only significance, that she might not be there in next season or lesser appearence. If other's survive, she survive too.

  21. ok lets get this over and out with after reading thousands of uneducated lost predictions i want to add in my own prediction. I think that Juliet is not dead perhaps the white light was not the "Jug head" but rather them flashing to the future, like when jacob said "They're coming" through out the whole 5th season flashes have been flashes of white how do we know that "explosion " was not a flash

  22. ok maybe this is just because i watched matrix before the season finale but in the beggining of "The Inciddent Part 1" Jacob and man #2 see a boat coming Man#2 says that Jacob led them there and they always come to destroy basically that it is a pattern. Then man #2 says that one of these times he will kill jacob, what does he mean by one of these times? i think that like the oceanic survivors Jacob + Man#2 have been going through a time to a certain point (probaly that will be introduced in season 6) and then going back. Man #2 wants to end this by killing jacob and getting him out of the picture

  23. The writers have no clue how to end the series. Inevitably it will end with a whimper than a bang ! Perhaps season 6 should be renamed: TOAST !

  24. i dont want lost to end at season 6 although i want to find out what happened after the bomb went off any1 got any spoilers you could tell me that would help also any ideas what season 6 is gonna be about

  25. spoiler alert!!!!!!

    actually they didn't change the past. they just created an alternate universe/reality (because thats the time travel theory that the lost writers subscribe to). just like trunks in dragon ball z. plus the whole first episode has been on youtube all day.

  26. Spoiler alert!

    The leaked Season 6 Premiere scene has some interesting but not so obvious clues - analysis here - http://bit.ly/bFjPfU

  27. I think that season 6 will open with them back on the plane - the hydrogen bomb will have been successful. However, since it was detonated in the past the island will no longer exist. Jack thought that because the island would not exist that the event that triggered the crash landing would therefore no take place – but I have a feeling that perhaps the button pressing was a red herring and the crash will still happen (i.e. there was a problem on the plane not caused by the island after all) – however, no island means that the plane crashes into the ocean this time (remember the crash footage shown on the newscasts whilst off the island – the plane wreckage was found on the ocean bed and not on an island). However, there are special people onboard – the Oceanic 6 – these people left the island ahead of this moment in time (the crash) and therefore are now immune to death since the rules dictate that because they lived in the future they cannot die yet and so I bet that when the plane crashes into the ocean there will be a few survivors. Maybe the main theme of season 6 will be Jack and the others who left the island previously realising that the bomb was a big mistake and so needs to find a way to correct things once again! – but probably completely wrong since Lost generally never goes as expected!

  28. its this easy folks. There is a direct tie in between this show and manyyyyyyyyy other pieces of literature.This is in my opinion a simple story of an Author writing a novel about the island of Atlantis. The impossibles' throughout the show are just simply that. Thats why the show is constantly changing, and is impossible to follow. The Author is probablly going to be named Jacob and Richard will prob. be the name of his best friend etc... But seriously people look at the corrilation between the show and so many other non fiction novels ( esp Stephen King ). 'Lost' is going to be a symbolism for the island of Atlantis, whis mysteriously dissapeared. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

  29. the guy in the black is the devil and jacob is good god what ever its so easy people,the other stuff is window dressing ...deal with it ...

  30. Yikes, need help! a bet is hanging over my head on this one.
    Last season, there was a scene that shows jacob on the beach ( not a sandy beach but more rocky and coastal area) he is sitting speaking with "the other guy" in the dark shirt, who basically states he wants to kill him.
    While they are chatting the camera shows an old ship of shore -lets say it is kinda pirate looking and two people are rowing ashore from this ship and one of the two is Richard Alpert ....I need to confirm this is Richard Alpert and what the episode number is...

  31. Guys, I don't get the download of lost 602 in torrent list, any idea where I can get it.

  32. Don't u think what we have been typing here are causing the author(s) to change their plans..

  33. remember qntm physics- the act of being observed changes the observable

  34. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0036EH3WK?tag=sea4los-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B0036EH3WK&adid=06RRNB2PZ0W7EJCX7571&

    lost season 6 spoilers on there...I HAVENT READ THEM I DONT WANT ANYTHING SPOILED FOR ME...but if you want to know what happens read the comments in that link

  35. @ Tom... hahahahha!!!! my god! hilarious! Guys... u must read that one!!!
    Gosh... it made my day! :D

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  37. this is the third blog ive tried to put on here but they keep getting deleted! no bs, ive just watched the last 2 episodes ever of lost, please!!! all lost fans dont try to search 4 them on the net. they r on there but only the last 2 at the mo! believe u me if u watch these now without watching the other episodes u will spoil it 4 urselves! but fuck me they r worth waiting 4!

  38. whats up with the whole lost thing? was it all 4 nothing;like all the things and people in the junle? how is it going 2 end?

  39. I believe the alternate timeline is caused by an event that is yet to be revealed in the season finale. If you think of it from this perspective it is their present future!

    That way they can do whatever they want with the characters in the island and then an event happens that wipes everything out and give them a fresh start at the future alternate life.

  40. Amazing - you all have such interesting ideas.... Season 6 has started and it's already got me chomping at the bit for final answers. Not happy about Sayid and can't believe what's happened to Claire but we're okay as long as nothing happens to Sawyer.... I'm pleased he's looking mean again....